Alegria Boogie

Fr. 25 Feb. von Alegria Community


The Kings Of Groove ­čśÄ We got Argentina & San Francisco in the ­čĆí Meet the artists that are flying in for our event on Feb 25 @atvrecords­čÄž @dobaomusic ­čÄž Dobao has been on a funk odyssey for the last few years pushing a love of house & disco on the scene and inviting international, like-minded artists to share the decks in his hometown Argentina. He has a penchant for 80s synth pop, proto-House records and of course a lifelong connection to all forms of Latin percussion and rhythms ­č¬ś­čąü @sizmo ­čÄž Jesse Sizmo is the casual boss of Lips & Rhythm Records. He has hosted a weekly radio show for 8 years and has spent the same amount of time DJing and digging for records around the planet. His ongoing sound exploration has led him to many wonderful international artists who have released on his vinyl imprint that floats between house, disco, funk, and Balearic frequencies. A musician since his youth, Sizmo absorbed a wide range of world music beyond contemporary trends and was taught to ignore genres and go with what feels good

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Fr. 25 Feb. 23:00 - Sa. 26 Feb. 05:00
ATV Records, 1306 N Miami Ave, Miami, FL 33136, USA
1306 N Miami Ave, Miami, FL 33136, USA
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