GLOOM: Anthea, Diego Santana, and Reid Golden

Fr. 4 Feb. von Gloom
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The Admiral of Partisan, Anthea, graces Denver with her driving funk-fueled sound. One of the top selectors and label honchos in the scene, expect heads down hands up music all night. On the decks before is our own President Diego Santana and New York delegate Reid Golden. Anthea (Partisan | UK) Diego Santana (BienAimer Music, GLOOM | Denver) Reid Golden (Send/Receive | Denver) ****ARTISTS**** Anthea Anthea is charismatic both on and off the decks. Her established and distinct brand of funk-fuelled music spanning across electronic genres and years is requested consistently from every corner of the globe for over a decade now. It is in her devotion to spinning and digging the most exciting sounds on vinyl, that has cemented her as a powerful force in the house and techno scene, and is further demonstrated with her Partisan showcases and imprint. Selected sounds: Diego Santana Diego has been a staple in the Denver underground scene for over a decade now and was one of the first artists to join GLOOM. His mixture of heavy grooves keeps the dance floor alive through and through. Reid Golden Reid is one of the founding members of the illustrious Send/Receive brand here in Denver. Having recently moved to New York, this will be his first event playing back in Denver. Expect high-energy house music that starts the night off strong. ****TICKETS**** Tickets are available at ****DETAILS**** This event is a 21+, private event. Tickets must be purchased before entry. Please enter the doors with an open mind. There is a zero tolerance policy for inappropriate behavior toward others. ****COVID PROTECTIONS**** Please be prepared to show one of the three following before entrance: 1) Valid COVID-19 inoculation card 2) Proof of recent negative test (within 72 hours of the event) 3) Proof of recent recovery (within 60 days of the event) ****VENUE TBA**** The location of the event will be released to ticket holders via EMAIL the evening of the event. To keep our parties like minded, please do not share the event with non-ticket holders. Genres: Techno, Electro, House, Minimal

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Fr. 4 Feb. 22:00 - Sa. 5 Feb. 06:00
✹ Secret place✹in der Umgebung von Denver.
Die Adresse wird von den Veranstalter:innen einige Stunden vor Eventbeginn per E-Mail an die Teilnehmer:innen bekannt gegeben. Es bleibt also spannend!
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