House Show 007

House Show 007

Sa. 16 Apr. von House Show
TechnoDrum & bassIndieFunkProgressive rockAbstract


Community is healing. Art is healing. Love is healing. Shared moments experiencing community members' artistic voices are the rawest instances of collective love. Amidst these moments, we heal. Inclusivity, novelty, and experimentation are essential principles of the House Show project. Each and every new event lifts up the voices of new community members, all of whom are deeply talented and inspirational in their journeys, but who may have not yet received recognition from the gatekeepers in positions of power who stifle community growth. Opportunity should be equitable, and as more spaces and people recognize and defend that belief, we see huge positive shifts in community well-being and sustainability! Take a moment to connect with all of the extraordinary creatives who will come together for 007 :) Acts: @c00rdinatedcha0s @matttufaro @tommyversedotcom @bloomdreamband @diegounchained @iamrollinroyce @nezer4t @kissparade @purpleflux_ @just_an_egg Vendors: @ffishbrains @_16inches @ieatbabymice @samsaltarshop @gorditasuavecita @viennatoess @rubi_ronin @shopflor305 @herbalalkalinejuices @blacksheepbakerymia @motherbrainart @punchgrrl @mysidia.vintage Live Art by @goddessmystix Tattoo Pop-Up by ­čîź´ŞĆ Photography by @ianwokeup and @ cap Performance Art by @absurd.soul / @poetproletariat and @neptunes14thmoon Visuals by @roiju_ Sound Engineering by @dudley.merriam Program Page: @houseshow.fl ­čÉŤ­čî║­čŽő

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Sa. 16 Apr. 16:00 - So. 17 Apr. 01:00
ÔťĘ Secret placeÔťĘin der Umgebung von Miami.
Die Adresse wird von den Veranstalter:innen einige Stunden vor Eventbeginn per E-Mail an die Teilnehmer:innen bekannt gegeben. Es bleibt also spannend!