Let's Boogie in NYC!

Fr. 15 Apr. von Alegria Community
LINE-UP■JKriv■AmazonianRockstar■Gaspar Muniz
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We present to you our latest project "Let's Boogie". A Studio 54 themed event happening in NYC on Friday April 15th in Manhattan. JKriv is the co-owner of label Razor-N-tape and is also the producer of the sprawling Studio 54 Music: Night Magic Vol. 1 album project released back during the pandemic in May 2020. Due to the lack of live events, this will be the FIRST time JKriv will be performing singles from the album at Nublu. “Got To Have Loving” featured on the album and sung by Nicki B The Vagabond a.k.a Amazonian Rockstar, will join us to perform her delicious vocals LIVE, making this first-ever event one for the history books
 in a very Studio 54 fashion! Brazilian DJ Gaspar Muniz known for his cultural diversity and knowledge in his sets by curating a variety of music styles, will be warming up the dance floor, but not before the legendary Marcos De La Fuente gracing us with a special live NFT poetry performance! Finally! Expect a Drag Queen show to-die-for headlined by four of the most fabulous drag artists in town, adding to an already awesome lineup! We encourage everyone to get dressed up in their most extravagant Studio 54 themed outfit! Expect a lot of glitter, a lot of singing and most importantly A LOT OF BOOGIE! Exhibiting art from our collective we have Clod & Daniel Ma Clothes for sale from OOH Baby! & Bez By Marta Follow for live updates! Studio 54 Music: Night Magic Vol. 1 album: Late 70’s Outfit Inspiration: Learn more about JKriv: Learn more about Gaspar Muniz: Artists Exhibiting with us: Clod OOH Baby! Daniel Ma Las Bhakti Marcos De La Fuente: Music Lineup: JKriv Gaspar Muniz Amazonian Rockstar Drag Queen Show by: Young Viper Paris L'Homie Sterling Bri Joy

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Fr. 15 Apr. 22:30 - Sa. 16 Apr. 04:00
151 Loisaida Ave, New York, NY 10009, USA
151 Loisaida Ave, New York, NY 10009, USA
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