OFF Festival

OFF Festival

Do. 7 Apr. von BOA
Tech houseHouseMinimal techno


Details: Thursday, April 7th 10pm till late Praslea Is an intriguing and groundbreaking character of the clubbing scene, with or without the golden apples (*name coming from a romanian traditional novel, in which the main character is Praslea, as well as the golden apples), which could have easily been Raresh, El Cezere and Kozo, some of his closest and most constant work mates. They worked together for the Afumati project and alongside El Cezere and Kozo, he owns the label Understand. Praslea also worked with Raresh at Automatic Net Radio project, an online radio, soon to be relaunched . He's inspired by Thomas Melchior, Scott Ferguson, Tobias Freund, Cabanne, Global Communication, Philip Glass and Stephan Mincus, ranked with 5 ? at 'favorites'. Among his releases, notable are Jurnal de bord, a collabo with the same mates, Kozo, El Cezere, Raresh and Cristi Cons, released at [a:rpia:r] and Various - Circoloco @ DC 10 - 10 years Anniversary - Part 2 of 3, released at Moon Harbour Recordings. At the moment, a new release under the name Afumati is getting ready to be launched at Kanzyani's Jesus Loved You. A perfect trace to follow, listen to and dance on. Olive_r Founder and artistic director of Elektrish

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Do. 7 Apr. 22:00 - Fr. 8 Apr. 04:00
Rua da Boavista 73, 1200-262 Lisboa, Portugal
Rua da Boavista 73, 1200-262 Lisboa, Portugal
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