Sa. 1 Jan. von DIP MUSIC
LINE-UP■Rodriguez Jr.■matthewdekay■Zombies in Miami■María Nocheydía■Tebby Gonzalez■Kick Fill■Mirá Mirá
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IMPORTANT INFORMATION : Después de mucho estrés nosotros trabajamos toda la noche para resolver todo y podemos empezar nuestro festival. El festival empieza a las 3 pm y todos los DJs de dos días van a tocar hoy y para ayudarnos Matthew Dekay toca un set de 5 horas. La ubicación estå en la playa privada y toda la información es la misma. Los autobuses van a salir de los 2 puntos. Para mås información sigue nuestra instagram - Dipmusicmx Muchas gracias por entender y nos vemos pronto para un gran día en la playa! After a lot of stress and working all night to resolve everything, we are finally ready to start the festival! The festival will start at 3 pm and all of the DJs from both days will be playing today and to help us out Matthew Dekay will be playing a 5 hour set ! The location and all other information remain the same. It will hold place on a private beach, you can see the map on our instagram - Dipmusicmx The buses will also be leaving from the same 2 spots. Thank you so much for understanding and we will see you soon for an amazing day at the beach! IMPORTANT INFORMATION : Due to a car crash that resulted in the people being hospitalized and the truck with the equipment detained we have to move the party to tomorrow starting at 4 pm. ALL of the same Djs who were supposed to play today will be playing tomorrow along with the ones from tomorrow but if you decide you want a refund for today it's possible. However, if you decide to keep you ticket, you will receive a 900 pesos drink credit or you can exchange yesterday's ticket for today if you don't have a pass for today. Nuestro camión de producción tuvo un accidente en el cual resultaron personas hospitalizadas... fue detenido el chofer con el vehículo. La fiesta se realizarå mañana a partir de las 4 pm con todos los artistas del día de hoy, los reembolsos son posibles y los que quieran mantener su boleto recibiran $900 de crédito en consumo o puedes cambiar tu boleto de ayer para hoy si no tienes un boleto para hoy. MAP : Welcome to Puerto Paradiso 2022 IG: @DIPMUSICMX ItŽs time to leave this year behind, renew yourself at our New YearŽs celebration in Puerto Escondido, Oaxaca with art installations, international and national Dj's, sandy beach, a beautiful lagoon and the best music to kick off the year. A paradise come true. Join us this December 31th 2021 and January 1st 2022 for the time of your life in la barra de Navidad, just ten minutes from Zicatela. Map: Shuttle Info: Zicatela: Departing all night from Modelorama Zicatela next to la piedra de la iguana Punta Zicatela: Departing all night from II Salento pizza in Punta Zicatela Return: All night to Zicatela and Punta Zicatela Doors open: Dec 31th 21:00Hrs Jan 1st 21:00hrs VIP ticket gives you a better view of the stage, waitress service, private bathrooms and an easier access to the beach. Line Up Cani Dj Bauhaus Em Boss Kick Fill María Nocheydia Matthew Dekay Mira Mira Rodriguez Jr. Tebby Gonzalez Zombies in Miami. Tickets On Sale Now! 2 DAY PASS EARLY BIRD $1000 2 DAY PASS VIP EARLY BIRD $2200 2 DAY PASS PHASE 1 $1200 2 DAY PASS VIP PHASE 1 $2600 2 DAY PASS PHASE 2 $1600 2 DAY PASS VIP PHASE 2 $3400 2 DAY PASS PHASE 3 $2000 2 DAY PASS VIP PHASE 3 $4000 1 DAY PASS EARLY BIRD $600 1 DAY PASS VIP EARLY BIRD $1200 1 DAY PASS PHASE 1 $700 1 DAY PASS VIP PHASE 1 $1500 1 DAY PASS PHASE 2 $900 1 DAY PASS VIP PHASE 2 $1900 1 DAY PASS PHASE 3 $1200 1 DAY PASSVIP PHASE 3 $2300 Table RSVP: +52 951 221 3126

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Sa. 1 Jan. 16:00 - So. 2 Jan. 10:00
70938 Barra De Navidad, Oax., Mexico
70938 Barra De Navidad, Oax., Mexico
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