Química with Gadutra x Yuri Rios & more
Química with Gadutra x Yuri Rios & more

Química with Gadutra x Yuri Rios & more

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Fr 9 Dez. 2022 Von 23:59 bis 06:00
Village Underground Lisboa
Av. da Índia 52, 1300-299 Lisboa, Portugal
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Química celebrates its 39th edition on a new venue in Lisbon — pumping kicks and wobbly basslines will be heard as the collective makes its debut in Lambda Labs-equipped Village Underground. Two guests from Brazil will be featured alongside the residents. Gadutra has built an extensive portfolio within Lisbon's artistic circuits that don't stick to patriarchal and eurocentric hegemonies. A multidisciplinary artist, working with tattoo, music, photography, video, and performance — the Brazillian producer will channel her magic through an energetic DJ set that'll drive the audience to blissful moments of euphoria, playing quality selections of new high energy dance music, with influences from all over the world. Expect to hear Brazillian Funk, Techno, Hardcore, Neotrance and much more. Also featured is Yuri Rios, a Brazillian artist from São Paulo that currently lives in Lisbon. As a DJ, Yuri's sound isn't stuck to a specific genre within electronic music, but in a mixture of styles that are expressed throughout their sets, with the aim of creating an unique type of energy on the dance floor. The DJ is known for delivering a selection of Latin American dance hits, mostly from producers within LGBTQI+ communities. Yuri is also part of Rádio Quântica where they host VORAZ, a show focused on queer artists that has since materialized into a party that happens in the capital. Resident João Melgueira is one of the founders of Química and of Alienação Records. In his portfolio he counts a large number of gigs from South to North in multiple Portuguese clubs and festivals: ZDB, Damas, Le Baron, Rive Rouge, NADA Temple, Bons Sons, MUPA, Pizzanight, among many others. A DJ known for his closing sets, featuring forgotten Maximal and Acid tracks, tempo changing techniques that drive the audience nuts and sudden energy spikes manifested through hard oppressive kick-filled tracks he carefully selects. Vitor Domingos is also a Química founder and the new Química resident. He has worked with music for over a decade, dedicated to creating and promoting events, mostly known for creating MUPA festival in Beja. He has been DJing since 2017, spreading eclecticism through his sets, which tend to follow a line of intensity instead of a line of music genre - as such, they're always kind of a road trip with some unexpected turns. Vitor will be playing an opening set featuring breaks, electro, obscure disco and synthpop, and carefully selected techno tracks that'll bring the audience to occasional energy surges. Tickets for sale - it's cheaper on pre-sale, so get yours now!


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Av. da Índia 52, 1300-299 Lisboa, Portugal