ReSolute w/ DoubtingThomas (Live) & Spacetravel

ReSolute w/ DoubtingThomas (Live) & Spacetravel

Sa. 18 Juni von ReSolute
HouseTechnoMinimal house


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ReSolute with Doubting Thomas (Live) and Spacetravel. RSVP to The French-born artist (real name AurĂ©lien RiviĂšre) has been steadily carving himself a reputation since the '90s, experimenting with a wide spectrum of genres, ranging from down-tempo to trip hop, breakbeat, jazz, and ambient. By incorporating his own field recordings into his productions, he is able to create the ethereal and melodic sounds for which is is becoming more widely acknowledged. It is his live set, however, that's been the the driving force behind his growing profile over recent years, allowing him to emanate the same mood and feeling as his DJ sets and original compositions. “I consider myself more of a musician at heart," he explains. Spacetravel stands out for his picturesque blend of esoterically crafted noises, all of which are arranged in complex, fast-paced compositions where vivid acoustic textures, human feel and risk harmonically merge. A native of Sardinia, Italy he grew up obsessing over the work of a suitably diverse range of musicians, from Pink Floyd to Aphex Twin to J Dilla and Underground Resistance. Often intersecting the frenetic hack-and-slash action and clunking sounds of arcade games, his many dexterous productions are laced in a dizzying eclecticism. The end result is an intriguing blend of fascinating sound-waves and nano-loops that always keeps the listener's attention firmly intact.

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Sa. 18 Juni 22:00 - So. 19 Juni 08:00
✹ Secret place✹in der Umgebung von New York.
Die Adresse wird von den Veranstalter:innen einige Stunden vor Eventbeginn per E-Mail an die Teilnehmer:innen bekannt gegeben. Es bleibt also spannend!
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