ReSolute w Rhadoo, Lamache + Dreamrec Visuals

ReSolute w Rhadoo, Lamache + Dreamrec Visuals

Sa. 16 Okt. 2021 von ReSolute
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for location email Rhadoo Lamache + Dreamrec Visuals Discobar owner, Lamache drops back into New York along his tour with us for a heavyweight evening as this fresh French talent is paired up with the elusive and highly acclaimed Rhadoo for an instant classic ReSolute party with all the production bells and whistles. This sonically charged night will also include an immersive experience for the eye as Dreamrec will be wrecking minds with his sublime surround visuals for an open to close next level adventure ! ***Vaccination or negative test required*** vaccination required or negative test

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Sa. 16 Okt. 2021 22:00 - So. 17 Okt. 2021 08:00
Brooklyn, NY, USA
Brooklyn, NY, USA
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