Resolute w [a:Rpia:r] & Dreamrec Visuals

Resolute w [a:Rpia:r] & Dreamrec Visuals

Sa. 18 Dez. 2021 von ReSolute
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The notorious [a:rpia:r] record label run by Rhadoo, Raresh and Petre Inspirescu is bringing us a mega back-to-back-to-back session for ReSolute once again! Better known as RPR Soundsystem, this trio have become stalwarts in electronic music since their arrival in the scene over ten years ago. As bookings ever increase, the nights they play as RPR Soundsystem are still rather rare. These musical authors have been sculpting the sound of their native home since the 90s and when they are all together behind the same decks is truly when the magic happens. "The purpose of [a:rpia:r] is not to conquer the radio or tv. The measurement unit is not the chart, but the pure feeling and sensation on the dancefloor, in the club." Expect a very plush setting, but with the signature ReSolute atmosphere along with sublime & mind-bending visuals from Dreamrec....per usual for an open to close visual sensory experience!! Covid Safety Update: In light of the recent uptick in Covid cases in NYC we will be implementing some safety measures for tomorrow night's event. We are providing mandatory and free on-site rapid Covid testing at the door. A negative result will be necessary for entry to the event in addition to the standard proof of vaccination. The tests will take approximately 7 minutes to complete so please come early to insure timely arrival. We are also encouraging mask use for all patrons inside of the party. We are committed to operating as safely as possible in these times and appreciate your patience and understanding.

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Sa. 18 Dez. 2021 22:00 - So. 19 Dez. 2021 08:00
ÔťĘ Secret placeÔťĘin der Umgebung von New York.
Die Adresse wird von den Veranstalter:innen einige Stunden vor Eventbeginn per E-Mail an die Teilnehmer:innen bekannt gegeben. Es bleibt also spannend!
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