Toi Toi Musik & Un_Mute Afterparty

Toi Toi Musik & Un_Mute Afterparty

So. 3 Apr. von Toi Toi Musik
LINE-UPÔľáJunki Inoue


This is the afterparty for FOLD. We are celebrating our 10 years birthday year in year 12 in partnership with Un_Mute. We will be doing this across the road from FOLD at Starlane. The room and dj booth there has been upgraded and it is sounding amazing. Tickets are available on RA and Shotgun. Please DO get your ticket to guarantee entry. Looking forward to seeing you all. Zach G will be opening the afters and after that there will be some surprises here. :) Thank you Isis Salvaterra

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So. 3 Apr. 12:00 - So. 3 Apr. 23:00
Star Lane Pizza Bar, 12 Cody Rd, London E16 4SR, UK
12 Cody Rd, London E16 4SR, UK
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