Chùteau Perché Festival - Bazoches 2023
Chùteau Perché Festival - Bazoches 2023

Chùteau Perché Festival - Bazoches 2023

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58190 Bazoches, France

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********************************************************************* General Theme : "Animating the inanimate: Nature embraces its imperfections". Goal : 100% costumed festival ! 70% travelling by shuttle ! 100 000% kindness ! [ COSTUME THEMES ] Day 1 : The Dance of the Fire Plants Day 2 : 1000 Lights Chimeras Day 3 : Animate the Sky: Cyan Monochrome Day 1 2 3 : The craziest Totems are a MUST HAVE ! [ 6 STAGES + ] 🎀 Le CĂšdre Olympien (night & day) : Deep House Melodic / Schneckno / Electro Maloya / Instru 🎀 Le Fou Fenil : Queer Reggaeton / Fanfares Night / Drags and House 🎀 La Muraille Nord : Deep Techno / EBM / Techno 🎀 Le PavĂ© Vauban (night ) : Trance / Glitch / Psytrance-- (day) :Cabaret Performances /Hip Hop 🎀 Le Sage Passage (night & day) : Psychill / Downtempo / Fuego Jam 🎀 Le Verger des CĂąlins (night & day) : Fat Chill Out, from ambient to quality pop 🌈 Secret pop Up stage : Open Platines [ 2 WORKSHOP CAMPS ] Exploration Village, Le Centre TrĂšs AĂ©rĂ©. [ PERCHÉS PRECEPTS ] đŸ‘ïž AWAKENING : ChĂąteau PerchĂ© is an awakening of the senses; it's about reaching a higher consciousness of the body and mind through immersive and interactive activities, debates, exhibits and performances. đŸȘ„ BEST HUMAN : Be the best version of Yourself 💗 Do not judge others or yourself, don’t be offensive to others beliefs or sexual orientations and keep in mind that we are all HUMAN. Respect your own and others’ consent, physical and psychological integrity. 🐚 SAFEPLACE : The "safeplace" allows you to let go, it's a place where aggressions are banned, where consent is respected and where caring for each other is the norm. Be your best Human Being of all time and at all time! đŸŒ± ECOLOGY : We deeply encourage everyone to "bring their own cup" to avoid single use plastic. We will offer biodegradable soap and deploy a waste management brigade to guide the public through sorting their waste and recycling it. [ PERCHÉS INFOS ] 🚌 SHUTTLES : Shuttles will be available from 9 cities >> Bruxelles, Paris, Lille, Nantes, Lyon, Nevers, Sermizelles-Vezelay, Dijon, Bordeaux. For a safer and cleaner mode of transportation to and from the festival ! 🚗 PARKING FEE đŸ’€ HEALTH BREAKS : It takes place each day from 8.30 am to 1.30 pm. It's a quiet time to rest in order for you to have a greater experience. By varying the intensity, ChĂąteau PerchĂ© can be enjoyed from beginning to end with the same energy. The festival is also strictly vegetarian. About the CASTLE : The original castle was built by Jean de Saillenay in 1180, on the site of a Roman outpost guarding the road between Autun and the administrative centre of Gallia Lugdunensis, now Sens. The design was a standard trapezoidal layout, with four towers and a keep surrounding an inner courtyard, upgraded in the 14th century. It was sold to Jean de Bazoches in 1284 and successively owned by the Chastellux, Montmorillon and La PerriĂšre families. In 1570, Jacques Le Prestre de Vauban acquired it when he married Françoise de la PerriĂšre, an illegitimate daughter of the Count de Bazoches. In 1675, Jacques Le Prestre's grandson, the military engineer Vauban, purchased the property from his cousin with money awarded by Louis XIV for his role in the capture of Maastricht in 1673, and it was extensively upgraded. Today it is private property and classified as a listed Historic building.

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