Festival Hibernation

Fr. 18 - So. 20 MĂ€rz von Bricks Team
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Hibernation IV : The Nation ! We promised you, we'd be back again ! So proud and happy to bring you back a new adventure with this fourth edition of our Festival. On the roof of mountains, be sure that we'll give you an other level of experience, as we'll celebrate the gathering of our Nation, Hibernation ! Get ready for great surprises, world-famous artists and a grandiose setting. All our team is so moved and grateful to share this experience with you. It's time to dance together AGAIN ! 💙🏔🔊 #JoinTheNation â–Čâ–Čâ–Č 🗓 18-20 March 2022 📍 Pas de la Casa (Andorra) Lineup - Paul Kalkbrenner, NTO (live), Dave Clarke, Kittin, Family Piknik...

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Fr. 18 MĂ€rz 13:00 - So. 20 MĂ€rz 17:00
AD200 Pas de la Casa, Andorre
AD200 Pas de la Casa, Andorre
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