Boris Larramendi_Concert
Boris Larramendi_Concert

Boris Larramendi_Concert

Sat 24 Feb From 10:00 PM To 3:00 AM
2182 NW 26th Ave, Miami, FL 33142, USA

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General Admission

Unleash the Vibe with General Admission Welcome to the heartbeat of the event – the General Admission tier! Designed for the spirited souls who crave a dynamic experience, this tier is about fostering connections and unleashing the vibrant energy of the gathering. While it doesn't offer the luxury of reserved chairs and tables, this unrestricted atmosphere makes it the go-to choice for the young and the young at heart.


Bench and Chair Square Table

Elevate Your Concert Experience with Bench and Chair Square Table Indulge in comfort and style with our Bench and Chair Square Table ticket tier. Crafted for those who appreciate a more relaxed concert experience, this tier offers the luxury of lateral benches, chairs, and tables. Positioned strategically on the sides of the venue, it provides an unhindered view of the stage while ensuring you can enjoy the concert seated or move around at your leisure.


Center Round Table

Immerse Yourself in Elegance at Center Round Table Step into the lap of elegance with our Center Round Table ticket tier – the epitome of concert indulgence. Perfectly positioned at the forefront of the venue, this tier offers exclusive access to center-front round tables, providing an unparalleled experience for those who seek the closest proximity to the stage and the artists.


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the creative yard present 🎶 Boris Larramendi LIVE at The Creative Yard! 🌟 Get ready for a night of musical fusion with the rebellious trovador Boris Larramendi! 🔥 Immerse yourself in the rhythms of Cuba blended seamlessly with global sounds – an experience like no other. Secure your spot for a night of vibrant melodies and electric beats! 🎉 Don't miss out on this one-of-a-kind musical journey. Grab your tickets now! 🎫✨ #BorisLarramendiLive #MusicalFusion #TheCreativeYard #LiveMusicExperience Boris Larramendi: A Fusion of Cuban Tradition and Eclectic Sounds Defying Conventions Boris Larramendi, a Cuban singer-songwriter, emerges as a figure characterized by rebellion, talent, vibrancy, irreverence, and authenticity. In his musical journey, Larramendi successfully intertwines the rich tapestry of traditional Cuban genres – rumba, guajira, changüí, timba, and bolero – with the dynamic and electric sounds of rock, funk, jazz, and pop. A Tapestry of Cuban Heritage Larramendi's musical canvas is painted with the hues of Cuba's diverse musical heritage. Imagine the rhythmic beats of rumba converging seamlessly with the soulful melodies of bolero. This fusion showcases his mastery of Cuban traditions and underscores his ability to transcend musical boundaries. The Sonic Alchemy In crafting his unique sound, Larramendi employs an alchemical blend of genres. Picture the pulsating rhythms of timba infused with the edginess of rock, the groove of funk, and the sophistication of jazz. It's a musical experiment that defies expectations and invites listeners into a sonic journey where boundaries blur and genres coalesce. Connecting Generations One of Larramendi's remarkable feats is bridging generational gaps through his music. The traditional elements resonate with older audiences who cherish the roots of Cuban music, while the contemporary twists attract younger listeners with a penchant for eclectic and experimental sounds. Beyond Borders Larramendi's ability to fuse Cuban tradition with a global array of sounds positions him as a national treasure and a musical ambassador on the international stage. His compositions become a bridge that connects different musical landscapes, inviting audiences worldwide to experience the richness of Cuban music in a new light. Doors open at 10:00 pm The Concert starts at midnight. Also, we have Bazar. This space is full of color brought to you by local artisans' handmade products and good vibes. 🫶 We can't wait to see you there! Pssst: Don't forget to follow us on IG: @the.creative.yard 🤏 🎟️ Ticket Tiers: General Admission: $20 Bench And Chair Square Table: $30 Center Round Table: $40 Please make sure you purchase tickets for the correct date and time. *Seating is First Come, First Served. Arrive early for the best seats. Parties arriving separately or late are not guaranteed to be seated at the same table. *General Admission and Table Seating are 21 and over. Please do not purchase tickets if you are not 21 years old. Your ticket will not be honored. 🔞 Age Restriction: 21 and Over Only


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2182 NW 26th Ave, Miami, FL 33142, USA