Body//Talk: Concert, Dance & Connection Experience
Body//Talk: Concert, Dance & Connection Experience

Body//Talk: Concert, Dance & Connection Experience

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Sun 22 Oct From 4:00 PM To 10:00 PM
Secret location in Miami Beach 👻
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The right party can make you a better person. It can open up a vortex to a more authentic life–one where you dance like no one’s watching, laugh like you’re with old friends, and connect like you’re in a (real) community. Enter Body//Talk – a better party. One where different scenes commune on one dancefloor... where introverts chat quietly over tea… where old friends sing in joyful embrace… and where jazz, funk, deep house, afro house, and reggaeton totally make sense together. Body//Talk USES parties to create culture. Come dance with us and see for yourself. ;) Body//Talk is presented by Ecstatic Playground. ▬ MUSIC ▬ MARCELO CAMACHO QUARTET This 2019 National Cuban Jazz Award Winner composes experimental jazz soundscapes that swell into post-rock climaxes to make you reconsider your whole damn life. PHIL SANTOS Afro-Brazilian rhythms intertwine with soulful house on an ass-shaking journey between the silly and sacred. ELLINA SUKH Inspirational melodies collide with afro-house beats that will fill your heart with the vision of your highest self. MANGO JAMS Sasha Mangarre curates a funkified lineup of warlock musicians to air-bend ancestral harmonies in an ethereal jam. ▬ CONNECTION ▬ CEREMONIAL TEA LOUNGE by Lotus Cósmica Daniela Andrea and her tea-tenders create an introvert-friendly space to sip ceremonial tea, write poetry, and chat with new friends. (Tea is complimentary.) PAINT YOUR FRIENDS ROOM by MindMakes Safia Cave curates a room to unleash your inner artist. Facepaint your friends and get creative with The Mind Makes. SILLY CONNECTION GAMES by Ecstatic Playground Keysel Pelaez facilitates a playful flow of improv, movement, and authentic relating games to get everyone feeling connected. PRIMAL ACTIVATION by Drum Temple Katie Berns-Lee & her magical djembe guide us into our bodies, using rhythm and sound to call forth our most primal selves. DRINK ACTIVATION by Carlos De La Playa Carlos will lead a playfully profound meditation to open the event and create intentionality around whatever beverage you choose to drink. PHONE-FREE DANCEFLOOR by Baba Ram Dass ;-) Influencers beware! We invite you to Be Here Now in your joy. Don’t fret! Our photo team will capture pics and video. … plus quiet spaces to talk & more surprises. ▬ DRINKS ▬ We’ll have liquid death, cacao, kin euphorics, and alcohol-based options. Whatever you consume, be intentional. ▬ FOOD ▬ Food vendor onsite with vegan, gluten-free, and meat options. ▬ DETAILS ▬ 21+ The secret location is in ((Miami Beach)) Free street parking. Schedule, venue, and FAQ sent out day before. (Email) Doors at 4:00 pm; opening/connection games at 4:15 pm. No re-entry.

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Secret location in Miami Beach 👻
5842 Alton Rd, Miami Beach, FL 33140, USA