Encrypted: MATTHIAS (Superluminal, BE) + Taylor Shockley (Diome, PHL)

Encrypted: MATTHIAS (Superluminal, BE) + Taylor Shockley (Diome, PHL)

Fri 25 Feb by Encrypted
LINE UPMatthias // SuperluminalTAYLOR SHOCKLEY


Italian dj and producer Matthias, founder of Superluminal recordings, is coming in hot from Berlin! We are extremely excited to have him opening his US tour with us at Encrypted. Philly phenomenon Taylor Shockley is joining us to start the night with the proper tone. Yet another time we proudly present you a spicy mix of international + local talent. A thrilling sonic journey lasting 8 hours with 2 long sets just as we like it. LET'S DANCE.

Logistical Information

Fri 25 Feb 11:00 PM - Sat 26 Feb 7:00 AM
✨ Secret place ✨around New York.
The organizer has already revealed the event address, it will automatically appear on your ticket.
👻87 4th Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11217, USA