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Syncview Imagem e Meios
R. Pereira Henriques 1, 1950-242 Lisboa, Portugal
This event has ended


Here are some essential details to ensure you have a fantastic experience: Date & Time: December 31st, 22h-14h Location: As it’s a big lot of warehouses, it’s a bit tricky to find us but if you put “SYNCVIEW IMAGEM“ in your GPS, Bolt or Uber app, you'll find us! As a reminder, please note the following: Payment Method: We accept CREDIT CARDS PAYMENTS ONLY. Kindly ensure you have your card ready for entry. Entertainment: Get ready for an incredible night featuring not one, not two, but eight talented DJs! Brace yourselves for a music-filled journey through the night. Amenities: We offer a complimentary coat check service for your convenience. Inclusivity: Our event is proudly LGBTQIANP+ and straight friendly. We embrace diversity and welcome everyone with open arms. We kindly ask all attendees to respect one another and celebrate our differences. Code of Conduct: This is a safe and free space for all. We encourage an atmosphere of mutual respect, understanding, and acceptance. Any form of violence, racism, homophobia, or judgmental behavior will not be tolerated. For Assistance: Should you require any help or have inquiries during the event, our organizers will be identifiable by wearing white wristbands. Please feel free to approach them with any concerns or needs you may have. Respect for Neighbors: To ensure the continued peace and privacy of our neighbors, we kindly ask that guests refrain from standing outside the venue entrance after 6:00 AM. Stay Updated: Don't miss out on any last-minute updates or exciting announcements! Follow our Instagram page https://www.instagram.com/f_ckit24 for the latest news and exclusive content. We earnestly request your cooperation in upholding these principles, ensuring that everyone feels comfortable and valued throughout the celebration. Prepare yourselves for an extraordinary night of music, joy, and unity as we bid farewell to the year gone by and welcome the new one with open hearts and great enthusiasm! We cannot wait to celebrate with you and create amazing memories together! Warm regards, F*CK IT !


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R. Pereira Henriques 1, 1950-242 Lisboa, Portugal