Goldilcks x Lucid Interval V.2

Fri 10 Jun by goldilcks
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Limited tickets at door via Lydia app - We’re back at Lucid Intervale for another exclusive Label showcase. This time we’re collaborating with Judas Mordache // French-Syrian DJ-producer & Fashion designer working on luxurious timeless & wearable architectural innovations - we will exhibit some of her unique works at Lucid. Goldilcks // Web 3 music & experiential art label emerging from London. Its cultural and artistic ethos divorces itself from more conventional practices, by virtue of its inherently innovative approach on the medium. It is a Hybrid transdisciplinary platform intervening with 3rd urban space and sound by disembedding organisms from their original function, thus producing a surreal outcome, a metaphorical demonstration. Goldilcks delivers unique & exclusive party experience that manifests around handpicked locations from the obscure cores of the milieu cosmopolite. Our partners // Vollou (hereinafter: Application) // A piece of software created to To offer a social media application that allows you to organize all of the memories from your party. Allowing you to store both the night's track list and the pictures that were taken, it is the perfect app to store, share and relive all of your best memories.

Logistical Information

Fri 10 Jun 10:00 PM - Sat 11 Jun 4:00 AM
Lucid Interval, 94 Rue Quincampoix, 75003 Paris, France
94 Rue Quincampoix, 75003 Paris, France