Massar LA x CapsuleM
Massar LA x CapsuleM

Massar LA x CapsuleM

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Sat 22 Oct From 10:00 PM To 6:00 AM
Secret location in Los Angeles 👻
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Here we go again, the lucky peeps of Los Angeles, family, friends, fans, and followers; Once again, CapsuleM and Massar LA lay out yet another spectacular lineup on your way, so you can enjoy it like no other. On October 22nd we will be curating a night full of ART, MUSIC, and LOVE, within intimate creative space in downtown Los Angeles, and we cannot wait till you see what we have in store for you…🪬👁 . The soul Brothers Two contrasting and complementing minds that come up together to create a harmonious lifeform of soulful flair and a blend of a deep, mystical and energetic sound. A little mystery surrounds the nature of their relationship and leaves the crowd wondering if they are truly siblings or are only bonded through their soul, The Soul Brothers is the alias which embodies the talent of the Mexican born duo Daniel Muñoz and Tomás Encorrada. In 2008 they began their individual musical journey as DM and Thomaz, and in 2011 they began collaborating as The Soul Brothers. Their newfound sound was warmly accepted by the Mexican audience which resulted in numerous invitations from some of the most renowned clubs across the country. By the middle of 2017, they had reached the Top 10 on the "Deep House & Down Tempo" Beatport chart and two of their tracks premiered in the widely acclaimed series of Buddha-Bar albums, followed by their 2018 collaboration as part of the "Buddha-Bar 20 Year Anniversary" compilation, and by the end of 2018, they had released their own "Buddha-Bar and The Soul Brothers" compilation. With over 357K Soundcloud plays per year, their unique global sound continues to make an impact worldwide and keeps bringing them closer to new ears and hearts across the globe. Highlights include performances at iconic clubs like the Kater Blau and Sishyphos in Berlin, Scorpios in Mykonos, Woomoon in Ibiza, Communion and Grand Rivage in Paris, CLDC Barcelona, and at festivals like Burning Man in the U.S.A., Bedouin Tech in Dubai and The Monastery in Germany. In the last 2 years clubbers in Amsterdam, Beirut, Cairo, Houston, Istanbul, London, Los Angeles, Mexico City, Miami, New York, Toronto, Tulum and Washington D.C. were left ecstatic by the duo's sound and live energy. * Danny Shamoun is an Instrumentalist/music producer based out of Los Angeles. Having grown up in the Detroit music scene where he began his music studies playing drums and percussion in the clubs.  In 2004 Danny relocated to Los Angeles to pursue a full-time music career, he immersed himself in the scene and studied under the music master Dr. A.J. Racy at UCLA. This proved to be vital lessons in ancient music of the near East and history because Danny believes that “if you’re going to blend the “ancient sounds” with the “new’ you must know everything about the music history before planning to advance it into the future”. After a long stint with System Of A Down as a technician from 2006-20014  and Keyboardist of Scars on Broadway 2007-20012 this proved to be impactful experiences full of lessons for the future of a young artist surrounded by Legends everyday.     From recording on film scores for likes of Werner Herzog , Klaus Badelt, and Johnathan Hartman to recording albums with Secret Chiefs, Billy Ray Cyrus, Matan Caspi, Stan Kolev,Spencer Brown, Scars On Broadway and John Dolmayan to name a few . Recording his own meditation music originals has also reached to millions of  listeners, recording  and performing his own electronic music is the main focus at the moment. “Meso Haus” Music made by a Mesopotamian  using ancient music scales in original house music compositions. A genre Danny has come up with to put a name to the style of the music he is producing being Assyrian  and having ancestors from the Fertile Crescent the sounds that call out to him are deep rooted in him. The live set is an extension of all these influences and experiences, every concert is curated specially for the crowd and country he performs in, every instrument plays its part accordingly. The main focus is to keep the people moving but also to travel through the audience’s soul and transport them through these precious ancients sounds that make their appearance in the show. Currently residing in Los Angeles , California where he’s  developing his dj sets mixing Ney,santoor and various percussion instruments along with facilitating sound meditation ceremonies. * Elwan lwan is a global Deep House Dj and Producer based in Los Angeles, CA. He’s also the owner and co-founder of LA based CapsuleM events. Taking his listeners into unforgettable storytelling journeys and sharing the decks with some of the most respected talents in the underground scene; Elwan has a twist of an oriental and western deep house rhythm sprinkled with splashes of grooves and flavored with electronica/downtempo waves. * Mko Mike Batmanian (known as MKo, pronounced Muh-Koh) Is of Lebanese Armenian decent raised in Los Angeles. MkO is a DJ/Producer and Co-Founder of @sbcltr_la MKO began his musical career in 2010 with a weekly bar residency in his hometown until his latter in music grew on a larger scale. MkO has since played alongside some prominent names in house music such as Acid Pauli, Luciano, Audiofly, Satori, Viken Arman, Matthew Dekay, and many more. Today, MkO’s spotlight as an emerging artist is one to look out for as his distinct style of deep melodic house creates an extraordinary dance floor journey. In 2016, MkO and his partners created the music platform SBCLTR LA. SBCLTR has since made a great impact in LA’s underground industry through the curation of special experiences in music and hospitality. SBCLTR LA is an ongoing series of meticulously curated gatherings with appearances across the globe. We are creating special moments using the magical energy harnessed when like-minded people gather in the name of good spirit, good intention, and communal progression. With extraordinary artists, critical thinkers, and innovators, we create a new, conscious, and enlightened society. Sbcltr is paving the way to an open future where cultures are immersed and all becomes possible. * Tony L Issac Tony L Issac is an Egyptian musician in the electronic music genre. He started in the early 2000’s and has worked his way up by producing different remixes. With the background of the Arabic culture, he has managed to bring in different beats from Middle Eastern vibes of music. Tony has successfully run his show from different parts of the world. Started off in Egypt and has managed to land gigs in different parts of the world such as: Dubai, Beirut and Europe. Throughout, these places he has managed to work in A-class clubs, festival’s and private events. Today, Tony lives in Los Angeles, CA and has worked for specific festivals, Ig: Burning Man 2018 /2022 MASSAR LA


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Secret location in Los Angeles 👻
1547 E Washington Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90021, USA