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Paper House

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Sat 9 Jul From 4:00 PM To 1:00 AM
Secret location in miami 👻
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One year ago, an idea, an intention, a new manifestation of a familiar direction, found its home, within the dimension of spacetime as well as the collective consciousness of those it engaged. A living, breathing idea, focused on healing, evolution, and inspiration. A communal idea, one that shifts and molds to the energies that embody it, and remains committed to protecting the needs of those energies. Opportunity is the stepping stone to actualization, yet it is a needle in the gated haystack. Rather than lament the system, or conform to it, we create an alternate solution. A space where the standard playbook is thrown out and every single person has the opportunity to contribute in any or all ways :)! Every soul holds vast potential energy which must be unlocked through support, protection, and love. On the note of protection, we wish to articulate that healing through expression is only possible if one is safe to express. Energies which compromise the safety of the collective are not welcome, and those that hold or display those dark energies will be removed from the space. As always, we are open to community submissions regarding safety. Thank you to everyone that has helped with this crucial aspect of the project <3 We stand now in the present moment, having experienced in our own beautiful and unique way, a continuous stream of creativity, as it blossomed within the space over these past 12 months. It is impossible to articulate wholly the immense gratitude towards each and every human who has connected to the project in any capacity over this span. So we say, simply and honestly, from the bottom of our heart, thank you, so so so much <3 We also extend that same gratitude to each person who has not yet engaged with the space! Everyone travels through life at their own pace and within their own lane, so the specific moment of connection is determined by powers outside of our domain, and each person’s moment is equally valid :) House Show exists and thrives only because of the energy and soul of the community here in South Florida (and sometimes beyond!). In truth, House Show IS the community. As we connect and organize within a creative and transformative space, we build resilience towards the powers that stifle our growth! In time, we will implement new infrastructures that flow from our philosophy of communal solidarity. A year of groundwork is already under our belt, and each step in this continuing journey will build exponentially on the last. Power to the people!!! Paper House celebrates a year at the spot!!! A year of raw artistic expression, of community activism, of human connection. The road has been rocky at certain junctures, but pressure makes diamonds, and we’ve been witness to more than a hefty portion of those :D! The profound healing power of shared creative spaces makes every hardship worth the time and effort. House Show or bust! Here’s to another year, and countless more beyond that!!! Peace, love, and gratitude <3! Acts: @nodettyetti @arg0ta @terreylfields @selviuh B2B @daniel.jinks @mystixlabruja @twoeyesclosed @bishopthebaker @mikaaahhhhh @igorcentrism Vendors: @jaysofam0us @elalatortillera @alobebi_ @cyanpress_ @alyssamichellet @rubi_ronin @saturnbeadsmia @hotplatesforthehouseless @freckledfilmproductions Art Installation! @phonebeef Tattoo Popup! @casacreamia Popup! Photographed by @ianwokeup and @link__rot Sound Engineering by @bishopthebaker and @ctrl.opt




Secret location in miami 👻