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Sat 30 october


SIN CITY We Trouble-Dare You. To Seek Thrill. And Make a Pit-Stop. In HOT, and now SIN CITY! This year we are in the city & have something very special & fresh prepared for ya! THEME: 70's Grindhouse, American Horror Film. See the flyer & the video. Get Creative. DAY & TIME: Friday, the 29th. 10pm-10am. Come early, come late, we got ya. MUSIC: WE ARE BRINGING BACK ONE OF OUR PREVIOUS HEADLINERS!!! ALSO A HOT DUO FOR THE AFTERPARTY AND WE HAVE A SINFUL STAGE ON THE 3RD FLOOR BY MASTER WITCHES JUJU FROM CARAVAN GITANE & LENISSIMA FROM LOVE MEDICINE WITH A MYSTERY GUEST DJ And the support of our dear residents: Claudius Raphael Gui Machado Alexander Gentil Loren Berrier FAQ: Dress Theme: HOT murdering pit-stop girls & HOT leather-pants bikers, car-racers, mechanics, etc. Pit-Stop, Mechanic-Shop American Grindhouse, a B-rated-Horror-Movie Vibes on the Ground Floor "The Shortest Horror Story Ever Written", a performance art installation on the 2nd Floor with an ambient lounge adjacent to it Second Stage with JUJU & LOVE MEDICINE on the 3rd Floor. AFTER PARTY With ZERO Fresh Organic Juices from Magic Mix Juicery for specialty cocktails Gluten-free, Organic Bites from Magic Mix Juicery CHARITY: A part of the proceeds goes to Save Venice charity that will be restoring works of the historically-neglected female artists. AFTERPARTY: In case you already have plans, don't worry! HOT CITY will be open, so you have all the time in the world to make it after whichever previous engagements. MUCH LOVE!

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Saturday 30 october 2021 2:00 am
Manhattan, New York, NY, USA
Manhattan, New York, NY, USA

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