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Sunday Love: Tone of Arc - Niki Sadeki - Kate Stein - Heather Luna

Sunday Love: Tone of Arc - Niki Sadeki - Kate Stein - Heather Luna

From wed 4 august to mon 9 august
Deep houseHouse


Sunday, August 8, 2021 Doors 2:45 PM Advance Tickets on sale now. Get Tickets: https://bit.ly/sundaylovetoneofarc Formerly known as Dead Seal, Derrick Boyd is known for his multi instrumentalist experience as Tone of Arc. DJing nightclubs all over the world, Tone of Arc’s live sets combine the DJ set with vocals, guitar, keys, and bass. He now brings his timeless and colorful murals of sound to another special edition of Sunday Love. Joining him is Toronto-native, Niki Sadeki. Niki is truly a jack of all trades as she is a DJ, event organizer, radio host, label collaborator, curator and producer. Her signature sound brings deep, progressive, downtempo ranges that give her complete control of the mood on the dancefloor. This has all led Niki to be featured on some of the prominent streams during lockdown, such as United We Stream, trndmsk, Deep House London and the well-respected Balance Series. The Deep House Vancouver label boss also serves as the host for the Allure show on Frisky Radio and curates Souq Record’s annual compilation, “Mirror for the Sun. Indie dance artist Kate Stein will provide post punk and neo-psychedelia influences with a doses of italo disco and acid house. The Aussie native is no stranger to the dancefloor as she has played venues across Berlin to events such as Elements Music Festival and Burning Man with Tony Y Not. Kate has shown no signs of slowing down in 2021 with the releases of her EPs “Scenic Byway” out on DC’s Roam Recordings and “Mystic Saddle Ranch” released on Playground Recordings. With an upcoming release as part of a compilation on Roam, she also organizes shows with Tony Y Not under Front Left NYC. They are all joined by a familiar face at Sunday Love, DC’s Heather Luna. ✨ Wellness Session: Doors 2:45PM | Green Room Sacred Solfeggio Sound bath with LeeAnn King & Sabda Join us for a very special opportunity for attunement through resonance, relaxation, and rejuvenation. LeeAnn will guide us into relaxation to help open our senses and tune into a sound bath meditation with Solfeggio frequencies produced by Sabda. The sacred Solfeggio scale frequencies are particular tones of sound that have been used to stimulate and promote healing, vitality, and balance in the body, mind, and spirit for centuries. Through resonance with sound waves, we become attuned to the vibrations of the sound, with each tone on the scale promoting different benefits and associated with different parts of the lived experience, conscious and subconscious mind, and energy balance. All are welcome. 🛍 Love Bazaar 6-9PM | Club Room Local Vendors Marketplace 🎶Music in the Green Room: Tone of Arc (Bar 25 Music, No.19 Music, Stripped Recordings | San Francisco) soundcloud.com/toneofarc ra.co/dj/toneofarc Niki Sadeki (Deep House Vancouver, Quetame Records, Kiosk I.D. | Vancouver, Canada) soundcloud.com/nikisadeki nikisadeki.com Kate Stein (Front Left | New York) soundcloud.com/katesteinnyc Heather Luna soundcloud.com/vonlune --------------------------------------- ABOUT THE ARTISTS: Tone of Arc: The most common question by Tone Of Arc’s fans, family and followers in 2021 is “What can’t you do?” to which he humbly replies, “Thank you” while silently repeating his mantra “I don’t tell myself I can’t.” Most notably known for his hit release “Goodbye Horses” on NO.19 Music featuring an MTV quality music video in 2012, Derrick Boyd continues to spend countless hours in the studio producing unique and diverse recordings. Since then Tone Of Arc has been seen around the globe performing at renowned clubs and events including Warung-Brazil, Panorama Bar-Germany, Fabric-London, Burning Man, Symbiosis-California, and countless other reputable dance floors over the years. “It’s not about where you came from. It’s where you are going” states Derrick as he embarks on a whole new adventure and attitude returning to the music scene with new eyes, ears and future vibe. Leaving his former life in San Francisco, CA and Tulum, Mexico where he was taking a break from heavy touring and standard record releases, Derrick has currently planted foot solitarily secluded deep within the countryside of Pennsylvania, USA to stay focused on his many productions, collaborations and projects all created in his birth state. After 23 years as a record producer, DJ, musician and performer, (his backbone being deep/tech house music), TOA has now taken on the challenges of his many other “hats” all at once. All which complement the entire TOA package such as painting a distinctly high-end, contemporary art gallery for the next two years and coincidentally making and designing by hand all his own clothes for his performances, everyday use and clientele. To top it all off, his biggest dream and vision has finally come to fruit as a luthier AKA guitar maker for himself and other musicians who take guitar playing seriously. Building and designing by hand once again all his creations in a fashionably forward-thinking and unmistakably original, unforgettable way. He calls his menagerie of products and talents T.O.A. “The Three Origins of Art” - Music, Fashion, and Art that complete the entirety of Tone Of Arc. With his upcoming albums to be released on notable record labels and various social outlets Derrick Boyd takes off into a whole other dimension of what it truly means to be an all in one, renaissance-laced “do it yourself” artist. Niki Sadeki: ...From her days expressing herself on the guitar, raiding her parents’ records, and exploring the worlds of grunge, jazz or psychedelic rock, and traditional Persian music, she’s carried over the knack for complementing dark and light frequencies, gliding in between without shying away from diving in. Niki travels with a spring in her steps, leaving her mark at spaces like Fusion Festival, Kater Blau, Village Underground London, Shelter Amsterdam, Woomoon Ibiza and Storytellers Tulum, The Cityfox Experience, Do Not Sit on the Furniture, and regularly at Gorg-O-Mish in her native Vancouver, where mountains, ocean and city converge. Her down to earth and steady love for sound has shaped a willingness to always adapt to the situation at hand, making the best out of it on a musical and a human level. (Full bio on nikisadeki.com/) Kate Stein: A journey through dark-disco naps and hypnotic synth grooves; late-night chill rave morphing into uplifting after-hours sounds. Australian born artist, KATE STEIN is an international DJ and producer based in NYC. Recognized for her raw, groovy, and above all - diverse sets - she provides a unique and distinctive style in the electronic underground scene. Heading into 2021 with full power, she released her debut EP "Scenic Byway" fueled with psychedelic indie dance floor thrillers on Roam Recordings. With her second EP release in Spring 2021 on Playground Records, she has quickly turned heads and collaborated with indie favorites including Perel, Autarkic, Zillas on Acid and Moo Moonster to name a few. (Continue reading on ra.co/dj/katestein/biography) ~~~~~~~~~~ Flash Policy Flash stands firmly against non-consentual behavior, discrimination, harassment or harm of any kind. If you or a friend feels uncomfortable, please let a Flash team member know ~ our staff is trained to take action and assist. And, please, no corporate attire or photo/videography on the dancefloors for the sake of the vibe! ❤️

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From wed 4 august to mon 9 august
645 Florida Ave NW, Washington, DC 20001, USA
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