Z@p - Faster - Brooklyn Sway - Jandro - KayLaSoul - Steve Kirn
Z@p - Faster - Brooklyn Sway - Jandro - KayLaSoul - Steve Kirn

Z@p - Faster - Brooklyn Sway - Jandro - KayLaSoul - Steve Kirn


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Saturday, September 10, 2022 Doors 10PM Advance Tickets on sale Friday, August 5th. Get notified about future events by texting “FLASH" to (855) 957-2349 Get Tickets: Uruguayan-born Fernando Zapico aka Z@p has been making a name for himself through a string of releases on respected labels such as Cartulis Music, Melliflow, and DJ Masda’s Cabaret Recordings among others. He is at the forefront of Uruguay’s world class house scene and is a lifelong resident of Phonotheque, Uruguay’s and arguably South America’s most respected underground nightclub. Hailing from Romania, Faster will be joining Z@p. The Romanian began his journey in music at the age of 16, influenced by the 90’s East Coast pioneers, he embraced the underground culture and started producing Hip-Hop; until he discovered Electronic Music. Soon after, he learned it’s in’s and out’s, and started DJing at venues in Romania and around Europe. He went on to launch his own vinyl imprint, Ruere Records in 2015, and since then has been making rounds at worlds most prestigious festivals and venues. // Club Level // Z@p (Phonotheque, Cartulis Music | Berlin) Faster (Ruere | Romania) // Green Room: Brooklyn Sway // // Bar // Jandro (Reflections) KayLaSoul Steve Kirn _________________________________ ⠶⠶⠶⠶⠶ Flash Safe Space Policy ⠶⠶⠶⠶⠶ Flash stands firmly against non-consensual behavior, discrimination, harassment or harm of any kind. If you or a friend feels uncomfortable, please let a Flash team member know ~ our staff is trained to take action and assist. And always remember, no photos/videos on the dance floors for the sake of the vibe! ❤️



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