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Sonic Sanctuary Sundays

Sonic Sanctuary Sundays

Sun 21 november


Step into an immersive wellness wonderland and prepare to spend your Sunday melting away in a magical oasis. First we will open your heart with Cacao, the plant Mayan tribes believed was a gift from the gods and created by the divine grandmother. Then we will all sync together in a group breath-work and sound healing experience that will transport you into a blissful and peaceful meditation. Next you will journey into an Indian classical music experience followed by a Brazilian jazz concert to uplift the soul and provide the cherry on top for a cultural and medicinal musical journey. For another level and layer of sound and wellness, we provide a Salt Cave Sanctuary upgrade where you can also enjoy intimate concerts from top local instrumentalists playing ancient instruments with sound healing benefits while also enjoying the benefits of salt therapy, also known as halo therapy, which pumps the cleansing salt minerals into the air as we breath them in to cleanse and open our lungs. Other benefits include decreased inflammation, uplifted mood, detoxification and improved skin. 3pm: Doors open, come early to book a reiki or stretching session, grab an elixir, explore the space and get comfortable and cozy for the journey ahead. 4:15pm: Opening Sage and Copal Ritual to cleanse the energy and get ready to receive. 4:30pm: Opening Cacao Circle and Song by Sara Ramirez Loaiza 5:00pm: Pranayama, Holotropic-Breathwork and Vocal Sound Healing Experience by Yuj and Sara Ramirez Loaiza 6:00pm: Indian Classical Music Concert by Indro Roy Chowhury (Sitar) & Mir Naqibul Islam (Tabla) 7:30pm: Brazilian Jazz by Dominique's Trio Himalayan Salt Cave Upgraded Experience: (Includes General admission Experience and 2 Concerts in the Cave) 3:15pm-4:15pm: Indian Bansuri Flute by Jay Ghandi 5:30pm:-6:30pm: African Kora by Malang Jobarteh 6:30pm:-7:30pm: Healing Harp by Stephanie Babirak 7:30pm:-8:30pm: African Kora by Yocuba Sissoko For Purchase: Reiki and Stretching, Elixirs by Ambrosia, Included in Ticket: Cacao, 3 sound experiences, fruits, water, and aromatherapy energy cleansing. The Space: Gaia Nomaya is a social wellness events space, healing sanctuary, art gallery and cafe by Ambrosia Elixirs. Our mission is connecting people together through music, wellness, art and nature and spreading love as our unifying ingredient. Important Details Below: Bring comfortable clothes, drink a lot of water before and during the experience, don't drink alcohol before hand if you plan to have cacao, we don't recommend drinking Cacao if you are taking anti-depressants. Must be 21 or over and have proof of vaccination to enter

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Sunday 21 november 2021 8:00 pm
510 Flatbush Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11225, USA
510 Flatbush Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11225, USA

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