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Twas The House Show Before Christmas

Twas The House Show Before Christmas

Sat 18 december


Visit @houseshow.fl on Instagram to see the full flyer and info about this upcoming show !!! Read em and weep hehe - had to go all out for the concluding House Show of 2021 🎆 As you may have gathered, we are more than excited to have this unreal cast of musicians and artists come through to put the proverbial bow on a truly beautiful year of collective compassion and creative ingenuity, realized through a caring and intentional community. It's fascinating how something as simple and pure as a space to listen, express, experience, and connect can be so deeply important. Thank you all for contributing in any way that you do, because quite literally everyone has a meaningful place. Peace love and blessings once more to everyone who contributed to @omni.fest as a creative, attendee, or organizer, it was a deeply inspirational evening <3 Please take a second and follow all of the incredible community members below! Artists: @l0wcean @junearcjunearcjunearc @just_an_egg @tfromvarious @qvks @motherbaseofficial @goldenfloramusic @x1t001 @daniel.jinks @dylan_s_hall @diegounchained @dr_diskin Vendors: @rubi_ronin | @bishopthebaker @_16inches @gummygoogly @blacksheepbakerymia @samsaltarshop @ @hotplatesforthehouseless @officialpigeonsociety @psychedelicates_ @erutix Tattoo Pop-Up: @motherbull Photography: @freckledfilmproductions @ianwokeup Flyer A: @ianwokeup

Logistical Information

Saturday 18 december 2021 9:00 pm
✨ Secret place ✨around Miami.
The event organizer is going to reveal the address with an email to the event attendees a few hours before the event. Stay tuned!

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