1/4 Club presents ACENDE 🔥
1/4 Club presents ACENDE 🔥

1/4 Club presents ACENDE 🔥

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ven 19 août 2022 De 22:00 à 05:00
Arroz Estúdios
Av. Infante Dom Henrique, 1900-319 Lisboa, Portugal
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The ACENDE party is back in an edition to heat up the Lisbon summer even more. Together we will melt the dance floor of Arroz Estúdios. On August 19th, 1/4 Club will set the party on fire with djs Caio Castilho, Carol Mattos, Dimas Henkes and, of course, our resident Lucas Bicudo. Let's go?! 🔥 // Caio Castilho Caio Castilho is a brazillian artist based in São Paulo/ Florianópolis who is member of TRATO collective. His sets are built of carefully chosen tracks from the house and deephouse underground movement of the 90’s and early 2000’s. With distinct sounds that progress from percussive tracks and atmospheric melodies to more jazzy and uplifting moments, he guides the dance floor along his soulful music. // Carol Mattos Carol Mattos lives in São Paulo and is a member of the collective MASTERp la n o, from Belo Horizonte, resident DJ at MAMBA NEGRA party (SP), and creator of Sintetica, a party produced and curated by women that aims to open space and generate visibility for women and non-binary people who work in the various fields of electronic music. Her sound is immersive and danceable, searching for references in synth pop from the 80s, dark wave and disco, Detroit acid, and in the new Latin American productions. Carol creates a hypnotic sound experience that involves the dance floor in a space trip. // Dimas Henkes Born in Brazil and resident in Barcelona, Dimas Henkes is a DJ music curator and cultural producer. His DJ sets are the result of an anthropological look at events he has produced and experienced, bringing with him a mix of sound references from the 2000s, house, disco, electro and pop culture with euphoric moments together with a performance performance of his multiple personalities on the dance floor. // Lucas Bicudo Born in Rio but based in Lisbon, Lucas Bicudo is a DJ, record collector, curator and one of the founders of 1/4 Club, a music agency that represents artists and carries out various projects related to music and performance. Known for bringing in his selections a mix of rhythms between disco, house, afrobeats and Brazilian "oldies", Loco Carioco started his career in 2012 in Rio de Janeiro putting out music at clubs like the iconic CAVE and Lagoon. After moving to Lisbon in 2017, he has performed at clubs like Le Baron (Lisbon), Gambetta Club (Paris), VFDalston (London) and other events in Berlin and Portugal. 1/4 Club // Arroz Estúdios 19.08 - Friday - 10pm-5am Music by Caio Castilho Carol Mattos Dimas Henkes Lucas Bicudo Visuals by Amanda Triano 🔥

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Av. Infante Dom Henrique, 1900-319 Lisboa, Portugal