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Schwebestaub II

Sam. 7 mars


SCHWEBESTAUB SECOND ROUND GET READY FOR ANOTHER TOTAL TAKE OVER WITH ABSL / MIND MATTER / NN / DJ FITNESS , IT WILL BE INSANE 💋 SCHWEBESTAUB = suspended particles SCHWEBESTAUB travels back to the good old days of vintage erotic movies, when TV screens and bodies weren’t flat and shaved, when the slightly flawed, blurry image and the cheeky, naughty stories gave a real charm to the dirtiness of satiated desires. SCHWEBESTAUB is raw, naughty, filthy and graceful. It is our desires or fantasies, and more still! Schwebestaub is a total rejection of night, during the fusion of perspiring bodies and bass beats, an alchemical phenomenon takes place : our molten energy becomes vibration and explodes into a multitude of sensitive suspended particles. At Schwebestaub each and everyone is a suspended particle looking for love and intensity, floating far from splits, judgements and everything that divides us. SWSB is a safe place for all hookers, aliens, queens, freaks, faggots and dikes
 đŸ’‹âš™ïžđŸ’‹âš™ïžđŸ’‹âš™ïžđŸ’‹âš™ïžđŸ’‹âš™ïžđŸ’‹âš™ïžđŸ’‹âš™ïžđŸ’‹âš™ïžđŸ’‹âš™ïžđŸ’‹âš™ïžđŸ’‹ LINE UP : đŸš©ABSL : dj set đŸš©MIND MATTER : dj set đŸš©NN AKA PRIMITIVE TRIBE : dj set đŸš© DJ FITNESS : dj set đŸ’‹âš™ïžđŸ’‹âš™ïžđŸ’‹âš™ïžđŸ’‹âš™ïžđŸ’‹âš™ïžđŸ’‹âš™ïžđŸ’‹âš™ïžđŸ’‹âš™ïžđŸ’‹âš™ïžđŸ’‹âš™ïžđŸ’‹

Infos pratiques

Samedi 7 mars 2020 22:59
7 rue Le Chapelais, 75017 Paris, France
7 rue Le Chapelais, 75017 Paris, France

Informations sanitaires

À compter du 21 Juillet 2021, le « Pass Sanitaire » devient obligatoire pour tous les Ă©vĂ©nements de plus de 50 personnes en France. À compter du 30 Novembre 2021, le masque devient obligatoire pour tous les Ă©vĂ©nements en intĂ©rieur en France. Plus d’infos
Pass Sanitaire
« Pass Sanitaire »
Preuves sanitaires valides:- Un certificat de vaccination complet (toutes les doses nĂ©cessaires) et rĂ©alisĂ© il y a plus de 1 semaine.- Un certificat de rĂ©tablissement (test positif de plus de 11 jours et moins de 6 mois).- Un certificat de test RT-PCR ou antigĂ©nique nĂ©gatif de moins de 24h.Le QR code du « Pass Sanitaire » est Ă  prĂ©senter au format numĂ©rique de prĂ©fĂ©rence lors du contrĂŽle d’accĂšs, car plus facile Ă  scanner.
Ces dispositions sont valables jusqu’à nouvel ordre et peuvent ĂȘtre mises Ă  jour si nĂ©cessaire.

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