Total Absns

Total Absns

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sam 1 mai 2021 De 23:00 Ă  05:00
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TECHNOIDS PRESENTS: TOTAL ABSNS An up and coming Hard Industrial Superstar hailing from our very own City of Angels: ABSNTMNDED. Back in a WAREHOUSE, after a long hiatus from the warehouse scene. Who can blame him? After all, ABSNTMNDED has been focusing on curating and perfecting his music production during this time. While focusing his time at home with his producing efforts, ABSNTMNDED has proven that his dedication and diligence comes with rewards. Not only has he begun his own record label, FLESH AND HAMMERS, he has also recently released on labels such NINETIMESNINE, Hard Vision, and Omen Recordings, , Scale Trax, Industrial Violence, and Falsive Records; to name a few. This producer extraordinaire will be finally be back in front of a dancing crowd with TECHNOIDS PRESENTS: TOTAL ABSNS We will also be featuring DJT-Roy. A former professional open-format DJ, who through years of playing, has transitioned to playing harder and grittier underground dance music. For those that are familiar with him through his various appearances on online streams, you will finally get the opportunity to see him in a warehouse setting. Technoids Residents Amuck, Aunix, and West will also be joining our two featured artists, for the night. LINEUP WEST MID CITY DJ T-ROY ABSNTMNDED AMUCK We hope to see you on the Dancefloor, TECHNOIDS

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Los Angeles, CA, USA