Dark Disco
Dark Disco

Dark Disco

ven 2 juin De 22:00 à 04:00
TBA Brooklyn
395 Wythe Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11249, USA


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What is dark disco? It's nightclub dance music that combines the groove and bounce of house with the mood and drive of techno. It satisfies the body with an uncompromising physicality. It delights the mind with a psychedelic edge. On June 2nd, we present three DJs with a deep passion for dark disco. Each will take you into their unique vision and guide you through a night of dancing that you will not forget. REFRAKT is a producer and DJ based in New York City, and he's toured in Europe, Asia & Tulum. In his music, REFRAKT layers sounds and melodies into a hypnotic mixture of dark disco, melodic techno, and world beats, transporting the listener through modulations and feedback loops. His latest EP, False Memories, was released by Phisica in January and features remixes from two dark disco giants, BadWolf and Alejandro Molinari. Acid Alien, originally from the country of Georgia, has a diverse musical background and her signature sound ranges from deep progressive, dark disco, indie dance to techno and downtempo electronica (always with a dash of acid). She co-founded "House of House" and is the organizer for "Alien Invites" events. This year, she headlines Disorient Country Club XI. Chillosophy, who draws inspiration from industrial EBM and old-school synthpop, uses soaring saturated synth melodies and driving, pulsating grooves found within new-school techno to conduct expressive dance through every soul in the room. Chill is the lead organizer of Trip Sittin', a Brooklyn-based party series, and co-founder of Liminal Collective, which lit up TBA Brooklyn on May 5th. ---- https://www.instagram.com/_chillosophy_/ https://www.instagram.com/refraktofficial/ https://www.instagram.com/alieninvites/

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395 Wythe Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11249, USA