Haus Catz presents BALTRA + Adrasteia

Haus Catz presents BALTRA + Adrasteia

sam. 23 avr. par hauscatz
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Haus Catz are purrroud to announce our first official after hours event will be featuring the Denver debut of one of our all-time favorite lo-fi producers... the visionary 𝐁𝐀𝐋𝐓𝐑𝐀 đŸŒčđŸ’« └=^ ^= â‚ŠÂ·â™Ąâˆ— =^ ^=ăƒŽâ™Źïœ„*:ïœĄ =^ ^=┘¹*~ïœĄ Raised in Philadelphia but currently based in New York, Baltra has spent the last decade honing a sound that’s rich on romance and melancholy. Releasing his first music in parallel with the lo-fi house explosion of the mid-2010s — and racking up millions of plays on YouTube and other streaming services in the process — Baltra has always had a restless approach and attention to detail that’s set him apart from many of his peers, often using his own voice (or that of collaborators, including Park Hye Jin and his wife (Angela) rather than relying on samples, and exploring both higher and lower tempos on his 2019 debut album Ted. 2021 has seen Baltra release two highly acclaimed EPs on Local Action ('Ambition') and Shall Not Fade ('Dreaming Of A Disco'), respectively. *:ïœĄ =^ ^=┘¹*~ïœĄâ™Źâ””=^ ^= â‚ŠÂ·â™Ąâˆ— =^ ^=ノ Support: Adrasteia [Ømit] DJ Purrplexed [Haus Catz] Tailspin [Haus Catz] Danley Sound Labs by hedd_sound Downtown Denver, CO *Location will be released to ticket holders on day of show └=^ ^= â‚ŠÂ·â™Ąâˆ— =^ ^=ăƒŽâ™Źïœ„*:ïœĄ =^ ^=┘¹*~ïœĄ

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sam. 23 avr. 23:59 - dim. 24 avr. 06:00
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đŸ‘»2400 N Broadway UNIT 1, Denver, CO 80205, USA
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