Sabrina Bellaouel + UTO • Kantine am Berghain, Berlin

Sabrina Bellaouel + UTO • Kantine am Berghain, Berlin

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A eu lieu mer 7 juin 2023
Kantine am Berghain
Am Wriezener bhf, 10243 Berlin, Germany
Cet évènement est terminé


InFiné invites you to two electric concerts from two rising figures of the French indie scene! Whether you come for Sabrina Bellaouel's alternative R&B with electronic UK influences or for UTO's crazy electronic pop, we can't wait to show you on stage the bursting energy of these two projects, both playing their first gigs in Berlin. Sabrina Bellaouel (r’n'b / electronic) Following her EPs 'We Don't Need To Be Enemies' and ‘Libra’, French-Algerian singer-producer Sabrina Bellaouel’s unique r&b-electronica hybrid is in full bloom with her new album Al Hadr, a 13-track album in which she taps into myriad influences: from spirituality, astrology to club culture, romance, the body and self-love. → Stream ‘Al Hadr’: → More info: UTO (alternative/electronic / pop) UTO are a duo from Paris who sound like they might be from outer space. Chic and alien, rhythm-centric yet diaphanous and ghostly, they are a group that thrives on contrasts and embrace paradoxes. Described variously as witch pop, dream pop and trip hop, mining a rich seam of 90’s British music from the peripheries, their unique sound takes a whole new dimension when played live → Stream ‘Touch the Lock’: → More info: InFiné is an international, independent & eclectic record label based in Paris/Lyon/Berlin/NYC Artwork © ALLDNR

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Am Wriezener bhf, 10243 Berlin, Germany