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Du ven. 8 octobre au lun. 11 octobre


So in case you don’t follow the news, the Portuguese government will officially end the clubs and events restrictions in October We’ve been waiting for so long for this moment. To commemorate it we got really special news to share: 18 months without proper clubbing were hard, so now we bring you 3 DAYS OF PARTIES IN A ROW Will you make it in the three days? Your confined-at-home former self would be so proud of you :) Also, you will get a big discount on your tickets! Pay 30€ and come to all of them! That sounds like a deal Here you got the details of each party: ‱Friday 8th of October: GOAT by Lifestyling ⏳ Schedule 22:00h – 06:00h 🔊 Lambda Labs Soundsystem 🎧 DJs: Miclea (Rakya/FR) · JC (Ordinateuf/FR) · Straka (Lifestyling) · Bigode Cru 📍 Location: Caparica đŸŽ« Early bird ticket: 15€. General ticket: 20€. Ticket at the door: 25€. This will be the biggest event we’ve done so far 💣 We have worked really hard to bring you the party you deserve after a year and a half of restrictions. Join us in this important milestone and tell your kids you beat COVID with (life)style. Miss, it = regret it. ‱Saturday 9th of October: Lifestyling at Nada Temple. ⏳ Schedule 22:00h – 06:00h 🔊 Lambda Labs Soundsystem 🎧 DJs Stage I: De Pedro (SP) · JoaquĂ­n Texeira · Dudu (BR) 🎧 DJs Stage II: Jesterr · LAAD (Lifestyling) · Straka B2B Thelmo (Lifestyling) 📍 Location: Nada Temple đŸŽ« Early bird ticket: 10€. General ticket: 15€. Ticket at the door: 20€. Nada Temple has been guaranteeing great times even in the toughest moments of the pandemic. Now we can experience the Temple at its 100% đŸ”„ 2 stages of amazing music for celebrating our beloved Lifestyling DJ JoaquĂ­n Texeira. ‱Sunday 10th of October: Restart by Lifestyling ⏳ Schedule 17:00h – 06:00h 🎧 DJs: Kaesar (Bloop Recordings) · Zoy · Nebulaee (Lifestyling) · Thelmo (Lifestyling) 📍 Location: Lisboa Rio đŸŽ« Early bird ticket: 5€. General ticket: 10€. Ticket at the door: 15€. Lifestyling Sundays at Lisboa Rio have become the best way of closing the weeks. The view of this amazing location will allow us to party with the sunset and enjoy together the end of the best weekend in the last year and a half. We hope to see all the Lifestyling family united enjoying the times we all deserve ✹ 💛 Love

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Du ven. 8 octobre au lun. 11 octobre
Parque Industrial Do Soutelo, Unnamed Road, 2845 Amora, Portugal
Unnamed Road, 2845 Amora, Portugal

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