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MNTRA Garden Party ft CHUS

MNTRA Garden Party ft CHUS

Sam. 20 novembre
TechnoDeep techno


MNTRA Sadhana Garden Party Presents DJ CHUS Stereo Productions founder, DJ, Producer, Remixer and Iberican Sound Ambassador. Leader of Chus & Ceballos duo. Chus L. Esteban was born and raised in Madrid. Starting his professional career towards the end of the 80s, amidst the full-blown euphoria of the acid-house movement at 'Alien,' one of the first clubs of the famous Kapital Group in Madrid. In August of 1992, he becomes the resident DJ at Club Kadoc in Algarve in the South of Portugal, where he was fortunate enough to share the DJ booth with the best international DJs and witness from a privileged position the evolution of electronic dance music, which took place during the 90s. His style, influenced by the Portuguese and American underground sounds, definitely converged into House Music. In 1994, Chus became the resident DJ of Teatro Kapital in Madrid, a privileged position he held for ten years while maintaining the summer residency at Kadoc. His innate desire to create and improve led him to try his hand at producing music under the guidance of the emerging David Penn. Along the way, Chus bound to meet someone who would influence him during the following twenty years, Pablo Ceballos, whose techno background welded into Chus's house style. The Iberican Sound emerged from this fusion, which then evolved into a worldwide musical trend. The Iberican Sound is their trademark, a personal vision of house music that has positively contributed to the worldwide scene of electronic music. Chus has received throughout his career, numerous awards like 'DJ of the Year,' 'Best House DJ,' 'Best Remixer,' or 'Best House Label.'

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Samedi 20 novembre 2021 04:00
Park On Fremont, 506 E Fremont St, Las Vegas, NV 89101, USA
506 E Fremont St, Las Vegas, NV 89101, USA

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