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Sunday Love x FAFF Lounge - DJ Shango - Faridjee - Ahyoka

Sunday Love x FAFF Lounge - DJ Shango - Faridjee - Ahyoka

Dim. 20 juin
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Sunday June 20, 2021 ‱ Wellness Session, 3PM, Music 4PM Advance Tickets On Sale Now Get Tickets: This Sunday Love we present Philadelphia-based DJ Shango along with Faridjee of Thursday People and Downtempo Rituals and Ahyoka, making her Flash debut. DJ Shango’s style and sound touches the audience deeply, uplifting the spirit and leading people to the dance floor for an enriching and highly spiritual experience - come ready to dance! We could think of no better way than cruising into Summer with a partnership to raise funds for our beloved FAFF Lounge. So what is it to “FAFF” you may ask? FAFF is British word that means to do something other than what you “should” be doing. But FAFF Lounge turns that judgment on its head. We embrace faffing, that vitally important time when we say, “To hell with the things I should be doing!” and instead take time for ourselves and our health. So come FAFF, dance, be in community, and help FAFF Lounge bring its offering to the Playa in 2022. ✹ Wellness Session: 3PM Breathwork & Qigong with Dante Baker followed by Love Bazaar Green Room: DJ Shango (Philadelphia] Faridjee AHYOKO DJ SHANGO: DJ Shango a BRC, Philadelphia, DC & Jersey based DJ, Bringing indigenous and world sounds that uplift, enlighten and open the chakras, Shango brings his vision to life through the motion and raw power on the dance floor. Art and music collide, healing the audience of their traumas using movement, chanting, affirmations, crystal vibrations, live drummers, and tribal body art. Shango’s ancient futuristic artform creates a constant flow of physical and ethereal release within the audience, purposefully increasing the power and influence of the healing energy directed toward the crowd each event, creating a massive healing movement in Philadelphia and beyond. Shango intends to continue fortifying his spiritual works, praying that he can help to bring light and love to as many light beings as he can. Through his music, art, spirit practices and positive energy, Shango will be a beckoning light for all those looking to bridge the gap between spirit and music! And so it is (Ase’). ▶ Flash Policy Flash stands firmly against non-consentual behavior, discrimination, harassment or harm of any kind. If you or a friend feels uncomfortable, please let a Flash team member know ~ our staff is trained to take action and assist. And, please, no corporate attire or photo/videography on the dancefloors for the sake of the vibe! ❀

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Dimanche 20 juin 2021 20:00
645 Florida Ave NW, Washington, DC 20001, USA
645 Florida Ave NW, Washington, DC 20001, USA

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