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Sunday Love: Ryan Elliott - Shawna (KMLN) - Navbox - Marko Peli

Sunday Love: Ryan Elliott - Shawna (KMLN) - Navbox - Marko Peli

Dim. 18 juillet
LINE UP■KMLN (Kameleon)


Green Room 4PM ‱ Club 3PM Advance Tickets on sale Tuesday June 22nd @ noon. Get Tickets: Panorama Bar resident Ryan Elliott will be joining us today for a house set at Sunday Love. Raised in the techno capital of Detroit, Ryan taught himself how to DJ after college and started DJing at a local venue. There he met Matthew Dear, invited him to DJ and started working as A&R for Spectral Sound & Ghostly International. He eventually took his sound to Berlin and became a part of Ostgut Ton’s agency and then began releasing on its label. Given Ostgut Ton’s connection to both Panorama Bar and Berghain, this gave Ryan the comfort to experiment with both house and techno, without limiting what genre or style of music he was to play or make. This process had a big impact on shaping his sound, artform and musical evolution towards a freedom to blur the lines between house and techno. Given this unique musical heritage and process, Ryan Elliott embodies a dichotomy of both Detroit and Berlin, not only in house and techno but also in culture. As a producer and DJ, he feels it is necessary to put yourself into uncomfortable situations and think outside the box. He is known for having a fast paced mixing style, breaking through tracks fairly quickly while keeping several loops going. He calls this more an American style of DJing. He believes in a methodical ethos about music, where he feels a DJ needs to music-shop every week to find new and exciting things to play. He feels this is what keeps things exciting for him. Ryan Elliott’s ethos is borne of an all encompassing love for house and techno, and a desire to give back to the musical community. Joining him at the decks is Canadian dj/producer Shawna, one half of international shapeshifting duo, KMLN (pronounced “Kameleon”). Live instruments, syncopation, organic meets modern, future meets past is her sound. May it be a prime time or sunrise set, she adapts and delivers sets that blow your mind and bring your dance skills to the next level. As an interplanetary traveler and cultural explorer, the KMLN ship bends time through sound, blending elements of deep tribal house and minimal techno, moving through tempos with layers and layers of mind altering colors. Longtime Flash resident Navbox and DC’s hometown hero Marko Peli round out the Sunday Love line-up. Green Room: Ryan Elliott (Ostgut Ton I Berlin) Shawna (KMLN, Ouïe) | Bali, Indonesia) Navbox (Flash I DC) Marko Peli (DC) Club Level: ✹ Wellness Session: Gong & Crystal Bowl Soundbath with Heather Luna RYAN ELLIOTT: Ryan Elliott has spent the past two decades of his esteemed career effortlessly bridging the gap between different artistic expectations. Growing up as a DJ in Detroit, but coming into his own in Berlin, his sets expand on each city’s styles. A resident at Berghain and Panorama Bar, he refuses to be aligned with just techno or house, instead highlighting their optimal overlaps. And as a producer, remixer, and founder of his own label, Faith Beat, Elliott releases music that is playable but unpredictable, perfectly calibrated for dancefloor impact and enduring enjoyment. No matter what form his musical expression takes, with Elliott listeners always seem to get the best of both worlds. As a DJ, Elliott delivers sets that slice energetically across the house and techno divide, a revelatory approach that's infused with a deep respect for his selections. This ethos also manifests in the monthly charts Elliott has published since 2003, insisting on giving a proper platform to whatever he plays. As with all of his efforts, Elliott doesn’t pit one place or style against each other, continuing to pursue a sleek and transportive fusion. SHAWNA: Shawna's passion for music began in early childhood attending the Winnipeg Music Folk festival in Canada, where she was exposed to musical genius from all over the planet, refining her ear for the origins of all types of music. At the age of 16, she began her nomadic life and hitch-hiked throughout Mexico supporting herself with carving found materials and seeds into jewelry. Next came Thailand where she learned to fire dance and tattoo, then India to follow her passion for Vipassana meditation and eventually lived and traveled throughout Europe. Upon her return to America and settling down in the SF/Bay Area, the art of fire dancing, which was still unseen to most, turned her from being an introverted hermit to a sought after performer. Constructing her own costumes led to her own fashion line that became a vastly trend-setting force in the underground festival scene worldwide. In 1999, she began performing as a DJ brewing eclectic fusions of future/global bass, moombahton, dancehall, cumbia, house, techno, disco, minimal and tropical. She quickly became a favorite West Coast DJ and for 20 plus years has been playing at Burning Man where she specialized in being the Sunday sunrise DJ as well as performing in and co-designing for the traditional famous Friday night El Circo Ritual performance/fashion show. Always cross-pollinating through various West Coast scenes and pioneering the cutting edge, Shawna is without a doubt a multi-faceted artist that has left her mark.

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Dimanche 18 juillet 2021 19:00
645 Florida Ave NW, Washington, DC 20001, USA
645 Florida Ave NW, Washington, DC 20001, USA

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