Technoids Presents: An M:31 Recordings Showcase

Technoids Presents: An M:31 Recordings Showcase

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sam 24 juil. 2021 De 22:00 Ă  05:00
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Technoids Presents: An M:31 Recordings Showcase Technoids is Showcasing, Los Angeles-Based Hard Techno Label, M:31 Recordings. After several early successful outcomes with EP releases, M:31 is ready to bring it all out on the warehouse floor. M:31's Mykrodose, Jiimi and Emiliana, supported by Krista Bourgeois and Technoids Residents, West and Ebanoids as b2b "XI FANG WUMU". We are bringing in up-and-coming Canadian Dj and Producer, Jiimi, for her US Headlining Debut. Jiimi is a music producer and DJ based in Hamilton, Canada. Her influences reside heavily in the hard techno realm while also combining ambient soundscape designs, creating dichotomous energies throughout her music. Jiimi's sets take on a story-telling approach, bringing hard drums, distorted textures and heavy atmospheric resonance. Her sets depict an aura rooted in reflections of the human experience, creating a dancefloor energy that is deep, cerebral and ethereal. EMILIANA is a music producer and DJ based in the Los Angeles area. Her sound design and execution of techno reside heavily in hardcore influences. Recently, she has experimented with the genre, producing tracks that are clean and contemporary and acting anomalously against the harsher tones of traditional, hard techno. Her sets bring powerful drums that harmonize with high static tones, making any dance floor an otherwordly experience. Mykrodose: Darkness, energy, emotion. Combine these concepts behind a slick, modern scape of experimental sound and upbeat, technical grooves and you get an idea of the world of Mykrodose. As a veteran raver Myke had plenty of teachers at hand when the time came to merge his traditional music background with his passion for the dance floor. With DJ friends a plenty, teachers and peers were everywhere. But when Myke's focus shifted to producing, he was largely on his own. Myke took the lead in his career and never looked back. Returning to the Technoids Warehouse, we have Krista Bourgeois. Hailing from Portland, OR, techno powerhouse Krista quickly found her sound in both DJing and production. No stranger to the heavier side of techno, Krista finds solace bringing the dance floor to an intense and fervent state and translates that passion into her productions. Inspired by acid driven basslines, harsh industrial atmospheres, and the raw power of hard techno, Krista's DJ sets are an equally aggressive yet cathartic experience. 'Cognitive Dissonance', Krista's debut EP, released by Obskur Music showcases her intense approach to production featuring the harder and unconventional side of techno. Krista has played numerous venues in Portland, Seattle, and LA including Whiskey Bar, Paris Theatre, Box House, The Underground, and Station1640. She currently holds residencies for Tenth Aesthetic and Interference Radio. Technoids Residents Ebanoids and West return in the form of their b2b act XI FANG WUMU. XI FANG WUMU is an eclectic blend of these two Ladies' seemingly contradictory styles, blended and mixed in a fashion that can only be described as perfect "Beautiful Chaos". These two ladies are known for being speed-demons during their individual performances, on very different spectrums of their expressions of Hard Techno. Ebanoids is known for highly aggressive, shattering, distorted and heavily-mechanical Schranz sets, while West is know for her jaunty, melodic, effervescent and transcendental "Dream-Core" sets. These two have managed to collide both of their unique styles into a shockingly cohesive and complimenting blend that delivers no sacrifice in the authenticity of each of their styles. We hope to see you guys on the Dancefloor! Thank You, Technoids ADDRESS WILL BE SENT DAY OF EVENT VIA EMAIL. FOR ANY ISSUES WITH RECEIVING THESE EMAILS, PLEASE DM @TECHNOIDS.LA ON INSTAGRAM

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Los Angeles, CA, USA