Technoids Presents "Brahma's Omen"

Technoids Presents "Brahma's Omen"

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sam 3 juil. 2021 De 11:00 Ă  06:00
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Technoids returns to the warehouse with "Technoids Presents Brahma's Omen". Technoids is featuring three accomplishes and masteful DJ/Producers: Aahan (Monnom Black), EAS (Perc Trax), and Axkan (Omen Recordings). Aahan will be arriving into the city of Angels for his US Debut. Aahan is a Toronta-based techno artist who's fanbase and recognition is growing at an astronomical pace. Within the last two years, Aahan has released track after track on labels such as Monnom Black, Omen Recordings, Expel Your Demons, Fever Recordings, and Voxnox, just to name releases at the tip of the iceberg. Aahan has been recognized by peers as a genius up-and-coming producer as he continues to draw interest from label-head to label-head as a highly sought-after Producer and remixer. The future looks bright for Aahan, who brings his relentless take on techno to California at a Technoids Warehouse. Emmanuel Andreas Santamarina, known as EAS, is a Southern-California Techno Producer and co-owner of Tympanum Records. EAS focuses on a broad array of stylings in his productions given his diverse music interests and influences from classic rock, heavy metal, trip-hop, electronic and trance music. Through his progression of musical tastes as a listener, he began to find interest in Industrial music, which led him into his love of Techno music. Some labels that EAS has released with include Perc Trax, Clergy, and Soma. We couldn't get enough of his performance for "The Final Exit", that we decided to once again bring Omen Recordings label boss, Axkan. Axkan has always remained on the top of keeping his productions pioneering and innovative, as his name indicates; "now" and "present". Axkan will be pushing the limits of darker industrial elements with his incorporation of mechanized noise, hard hitting percussion, and ultramodern elements. Axkan will be completing this techno triumvirate of skillful powerhouse producers. Technoids Residents, Oddio J and Amuck will be joining this explosive lineup to establish the no-limits philosophy that Technoids artists employ. Oddio J and Amuck will bring in the high-intensity and show these three talents what it means to play for "The Hardest Techno in LA". These two talents will be setting the tone for the new standard of hard, and show everyone what Technoids has been up to in the establishment of the new LA Underground sound. LINEUP: AXKAN AAHAN EAS ODDIO J AMUCK

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Los Angeles, CA, USA