Tribal Disco 2 Year Anniversary!

Tribal Disco 2 Year Anniversary!

dim. 27 févr. par Tribal Disco
LINE UP■aDios■Joey Greiner■GIFTED FIRE
Deep houseDowntempoDisco houseTribal houseOrganic ambientAfro


Tribal Disco is so excited to welcome you to our 2nd Anniversary Celebration! What a ride it has been! We want to thank everyone that's supported us all along and we can't wait to Celebrate With YOU Sunday February 27th at Gaia NoMaya in Brooklyn! Gaia NoMaya's Sonic Sanctuary Sunday begins at 3pm with a Cacao Ceremony and Sound Meditation with Holotropic Breathwork and a private concert in the Himalayan Salt Cave. There is a ticket tier option to include this experience before the main event begins. Our party will begin at 5pm with some hybrid organic vibes from resident Joey Greiner with Live Musicians Panoramix and SaxxDoc building up to the groovy Afro & Latin delights of our headliner aDios joining us from Soundtuary in Miami! The Heat will build with Tribal Disco resident Gifted Fire until our conclusion at 11pm so you all can still get a good night's sleep should you so choose ;)

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dim. 27 févr. 17:00 - dim. 27 févr. 23:00
Gaia NoMaya, 510 Flatbush Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11225, USA
510 Flatbush Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11225, USA
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