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Enter The Enchanted: An Immersive Ancient Fairytale

Enter The Enchanted: An Immersive Ancient Fairytale

Dim. 31 octobre
LINE UP■DJNickWarren■Goldcap■Sabo■SolSelectas■The Scumfrog
Deep houseLiveTribal houseViolinOrganic ambientA cappellaDeep chill
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Enchanted Experience (2 Person)

Wellness Package: Includes a private sound healing ceremony, 30 min reiki or thai massage session in our Himalayan salt cave, a locker and access to our infrared sauna and private bathroom with shower and a complimentary Herbal Elixir Drink by our partner Ambrosia. Experience will also include all the programming of the event in description and artists. Table Service Package: a table and a 750ml bottle of Mezcal, Tequila, Vodka, or Whiskey, some waters, chasers and a beer or kombucha each. You will have a host who will also be an immersive performer in our ancient future and will do a personal experience at one point in the night by your table Experience includes both packages and is for 2 people.
1 500,00 $US



Enter the Enchanted: Step into a mystical magical alternate universe filled with immersive adventures, creepy and creative characters, incredible soul shaking sounds, A massive crystal Atrium with 360 sound healing ceremonies and a Himalayan Salt Cave. Tap into your ancient self, connecting through music, art, cacao, dance, elixirs, mezcal, and all the original tribal forms of uplifting interaction. Imagine a place built with love to help you tap into your creative self. Ballet Dancers dressed as nature goddesses grace you with elegance as top magicians dazzle, and contortionists levitate through the air creating delightful controlled chaos, as they empower exploration of ones most enchanted self. Channel your inner magician, high priestess, empress, sorcerer, fairy, genie, princess, or prince. We can be kings and queens, warriors of passion and gratitude, conquering the night with love in our hearts as we experience connection of our inner child, enchanted with ourselves and everyone that brings joy to this co creation of whimsical nature. Prepare for a multi-room, multi dimensional experience with some absolute legends gracing on us on the decks and some of the best performers, sound healers, artists and magicians in New York transporting you into our ancient fairytale or nightmare??!! Lineup: Nick Warren Sabo & Goldcap The Scumfrog Many more artists and surprises coming!! -Delicious Vegetarian Tapas and Herbal Non Alcoholic Elixirs and Teas by Ambrosia -Mezcal and Japanese Whiskey Bar by Gaia Nomaya, a brand new one of a kind social wellness, music and arts Paradise. follow @gaianomaya @ambrosiaelixirs -Costume Inspirations: Tarot characters, Van Helsing, Game of Thrones, Harry Potter, Peter Pan, Beauty and the Beast, Aladdin, Anyone that makes you feel enchanted or transported into a world where anything is possible!! - Table Service and Special Private Performances, Experiences, Massages, Reiki, Private Salt Cave Room, email:

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Dimanche 31 octobre 2021 00:00
512 Flatbush Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11225, USA
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