Full moon musical journey

Full moon musical journey

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ven 9 sept. 2022 De 19:00 à 21:00
Livraria Sá da Costa
R. Garrett 100, 1200-273 Lisboa, Portugal
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Pas de billets disponibles


RE-ENERGIZE with an interactive musical meditation with Sandra and Greg. This interactive music meditation is an invitation to take a journey into your heart, mind and body and connect to your voice, created and presented by Greg With Peace and Sandra Brito. The first part will be a music meditation where participants can relax and let the music and sound reach their hearts. Once this relaxed and open hearted state is created, it gives everyone the opportunity to channel this energy into their voices, first slowly, gently, and really “sing from the heart”. When we are re-connected to our voices from our hearts and we tune in together with a simple “om”, marvelos things tend to happen. As our voices melt together, our perception of limitations dissolve and we start singing together intuitively. Once this connection is created we will be playing and singing together mantras and medicine songs from around the world. At this point anyone may join in with an instrument or voice, but being passive and just enjoy the sound isn’t frowned upon either. What to bring: Yoga mat - beach towel, something to lay on. Warm but clothes - can get quite chilly when Sun goes down Water Small instruments eg. shakers, rattles, percussion instruments.

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R. Garrett 100, 1200-273 Lisboa, Portugal