Alegria Boogie Time in NYC (Capricorn Season)

sexta 21 jan by Alegria Community
LINE UP■DÜK■Gaspar Muniz■chuwee
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Celebrating all Capricorn's out there & the bday of Alegria founder, Kenny Jones! On Friday Jan 21, 2022 we bring you Lebanese, Canada based artist Dük, Brazilian superstar Gaspar Muniz & Brooklyn based artist Chuwee. Our featured visual artist for this event is Gabriela Gil. We are meeting at PAN room, located in the upstairs room of the Holo venue. Expect a lot of fucking BOOGIE my friends!!! Dük Bio: DÜK, creator of sexy baselines and juicy grooves, is a Montreal-based Lebanese artist & producer. The signature sound swings from house, minimal, jazz & funk and will ensure a forcast of all night dancing. Bio Gaspar Muniz: Born in New York City and raised in Rio de Janeiro. Gaspar Muniz grew up in an intensely artistic environment. Never attached to a specific genre, he uses his cultural diversity and knowledge in his sets by curating a variety of music styles from different places and eras. Now at 31, Gaspar Muniz is gradually becoming a household name in the underground music scene of New York City with residencies at Public records and Bembe Chuwee: Ryan Doyle, AKA Chuwee is a Producer originally from San Diego. He is currently residing in Brooklyn, New York where he is focusing on refining his signature sound and expanding his vinyl collection. Chuwee has been deeply submerged in the beautiful electronic music scene all throughout the world, both playing live and Djing his music. His productions are inspired by constantly digging and are translated through his analog studio stock full of modules, vintage drum machines and synthesizers. Gabriela Gil: Gabriela Gil (b. Tegucigalpa, Honduras) connects elements of the immediate present through the use of line, color, and rhythm. This combination of line and organic shapes in her painting reflects an admiration for both nature’s softness and the human instinct to connect. Her studio is based in New York.

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sexta 21 jan 23:00 - sábado 22 jan 05:00
1563 Decatur St, Ridgewood, NY 11385, USA
1563 Decatur St, Ridgewood, NY 11385, USA
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