RESTART by Lifestyling (Sunday 24th)

RESTART by Lifestyling (Sunday 24th)

domingo 24 abr by Lifestyling
LINE UP■Picasso■Miguel Melo/Ozy Records■Joaquin Texeira■Strakapt■Nebulaee■Simoncello // 2-Steppers
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Did you realize during an argument that you were completely wrong but it was too late to admit it? You keep remembering that you forgot something but you can’t remember what? You were all “dance like nobody is watching” but unfortunately was watched, recorded and uploaded? Well don’t worry :) you can always RESTART. Come to RESTART by Lifestyling this Sunday 24th to leave your problems aside and enjoy good music, friends & vibe. We’ll have a special edition of RESTART with 2 floors, 5 DJs, & more than 8 hours of party. Picasso (Fraise Records, FTV) & Miguel Melo (Carpet and Snares) will make you dance and take the best out of the Sunday 🔥🔥🔥 from Lifestyling side, count on the great Nebulaee, Simoncello & Za Prat for wrapping up this beautiful lineup. Party is guaranteed 💣 ⏳ Schedule 22:00h – 06:00h 🎧 DJs: Miguel Melo (Carpet & Snares), Nebulaee, Picasso (Fraise Records, FTV), Simoncello, Za Prat 📍 Location: Lisboa Rio (@lisboario) 🌐 Ticket online: 6€ 🚪 Ticket at the door: 12€ 💛 Love . . . (🎨 artwork by @archuso)

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domingo 24 abr 22:00 - segunda 25 abr 06:00
Lisboa Rio, Cais Gás 7, 1200-109 Lisboa, Portugal
Cais Gás 7, 1200-109 Lisboa, Portugal
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