Technoids 1 Year Anniversary - To The Core

sábado 18 set 2021 by Technoids
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Technoids 1 YEAR ANNIVERSARY! Technoids Presents To The Core!! Technoids is celebrating the anniversary of their first ever event "0919"! With the coming of this special occasion, Technoids is bringing in bigger sound, bigger production, and some special guests to up the ante on the definition of "HARD". Technoids will be curating a night of both Hard Techno and Hard Core for those that are not afraid to take the tempo up several notches. This night will of course have performances featuring the whole Technoids lineup with some special guests Technoids will be bringing in label boss of Industrial Strength Recordings, Lenny Dee as the headliner for the night. Lenny Dee is a New York based Dj that has been quintessential within the Hardcore, gabber scene, to then begin his well-regarded label. Lenny has decades of experience with propelling Hard Dance music forward into the US and has been very influential to past, present and upcoming Hardcore, gabber and Hard Techno artists. Joining Lenny on the Hard Core front, LA-Based Hard Core and vinyl record enthusiast, Ron D Core. Ron d Core, takes his love of vinyl to the next level, having opened up his record store, Dr. Freeclouds in 1995. Ron wouldn't slap it down to the core without slapping down some wax. Yes! A vinyl hardcore set from the ultimate collector of Hard Core bangers. Address will be provided on day of event Thank You, Technoids

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sábado 18 set 2021 22:00 - domingo 19 set 2021 07:00
Los Angeles, CA, USA
Los Angeles, CA, USA
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