Twas The House Show After Christmas

Twas The House Show After Christmas

sábado 22 jan by House Show
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DM @houseshow.fl or @ for address ^_^ “Look for the silver lining Whene’er a cloud appears in the blue Remember somewhere the sun is shining And so the right thing to do is make it shine for you” - Jerome Kern and B.G. DeSylva Many a cloud has obscured the sun in these past few weeks. But, if you look and listen, there is always a silver lining :) Ours is the chance to put on this incredibly special show even better than originally planned !!! Mark your calendars for the gnarliest post-holiday bash south of the Mason Dixon line; hell, probably north too! So excited to have almost the same exact lineup as the original bill, with the addition of some serious heavy hitters! Not to mention the absolutely stacked vendor list :D Here they are, follow them all! Artists: @l0wcean @folktalesanpedro @frogsshowmercy @tfromvarious @qvks @motherbaseofficial @goldenfloramusic @x1t001 @daniel.jinks @dylan_s_hall @sillygooseatl @dr_diskin Vendors: @rubi_ronin | @bishopthebaker @_16inches @gummygoogly @blacksheepbakerymia @samsaltarshop @ @hotplatesforthehouseless @officialpigeonsociety @psychedelicates_ @erutix Tattoo Pop-Up: @motherbull Photography: @freckledfilmproductions @ianwokeup Flyer A: @ianwokeup Flyer B: @erutix Flyer C: @manueltacoface

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sábado 22 jan 16:00 - domingo 23 jan 02:00
✨ Local secreto ✨ao redor de Miami.
O organizador do evento vai revelar o endereço em um e-mail para os participantes do evento algumas horas antes do evento. Fique atento!