Anexo x Carpet

Anexo x Carpet

sáb 18 dez 2021 by Carpet & Snares Records
HouseTechnoAcidAcid house
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Anexo and Carpet & Snares Records team up once again for an extended warehouse party. Taking place in central Lisbon this will be a 12h +++ electronic music event specially crafted for those who seek ideal conditions to listen, dance, and respectfully rave. To make this happen, paragon sound equipment and room design are being studied, developed, and carefully selected together with a team of artists and staff to provide a unique experience. come early, leave late COVID SAFETY RULES: WE WILL HAVE AN ONSITE TESTING BOOTH RUN BY A LOCAL PHARMACY FOR OFFICIAL COVID TESTING. A NEGATIVE ANTIGEN OR PCR TEST IS REQUIRED TO ENTER.

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sáb 18 dez 2021 16:00 - dom 19 dez 2021 04:00
Rua do Beato 30, 1950-427 Lisboa, Portugal
Rua do Beato 30, 1950-427 Lisboa, Portugal
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