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Burners Paradise: Behrouz, David Hohme, Lemurian

Burners Paradise: Behrouz, David Hohme, Lemurian

Sáb 18 dezembro
LINE UP■BEHROUZ■david hôhme■Lemurian
Deep houseTribal houseWorld chillOrganic ambientAfro
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We know it has been a while since we have enjoyed the burn in desert however, it doesn't mean we can't bring the best music, energy, and spirit of the playa into our home base here in Brooklyn. We have brought together some of your favorite artists that have made legendary moments for people in the desert and all over the world. Behrouz is an absolute legend and we are honored to host him for the first time in our Sonic Jungle along with 2 of our favorite Sonic Jungle regulars, David Hohme and Lemurian. Behrouz is the founder of Do Not Sit, one of the top places in Miami and party brands around the world with a reputation that speaks for itself. David Hohme, is the founder of record label Where the Heart is and has made appearances on the Robot Heart bus, Distrikt, Bubbles and Bass and many more. Lemurian is the founder of record label Cosmic Awakenings as well as a resident at Caravan of Light and at our Sonic Jungle. Together, they will bring us an epic night of music, and celebration plus our signature sonic sanctuary world music and wellness experience and a wellness center and artisan market to explore and relax. Ticket Includes: 2 stages of music, 12 point TPI Sound, 8 Point 360 spatial audio, Cacao Ceremony, Reiki and Stretching. - Elixirs by Ambrosia - More Details Coming Soon - Email: for Table Reservations, Massages and Upgrades - This event and all our events require Vaccine Cards for Entry

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Sábado 18 dezembro 2021 02:00
510 Flatbush Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11225, USA
510 Flatbush Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11225, USA

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