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Influenced by the Berlin, Paris and Georgia Techno scenes, we know we are not for everyone but the ones who are looking for High BPMs and a place to be themselves. Expect events that can jump from Groove to Industrial going through New Rave sounds. OUR BASICS
  • Respect the artist and know her/his work. Techno is culture.
  • Come as you are. Although if you ask us we are into black and dark essence.
  • NO PHONE POLICY: The screen of your phone will be covered at the entry and you'll be asked to turn it off. The use of the phone is strictly prohibited on the dancefloor. You know how it works "Don't kill the vibe and connect with each other".
  • Unlocked is a space for debauchery and for everyone to be him/herself. Zero tolerance for any attitude that goes against this premise.
Joined Shotgun in 2021