Alegria presents "Flamenca" with Soursopp

Alegria presents "Flamenca" with Soursopp

vie 17 mar De 21:00 a 04:00
100 Sutton St, Brooklyn, NY 11222, USA


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Alegria invites Rakim Under & David Triana, duo spinners from London based party, Soursopp. We meet in Greenpoint at 100 Sutton St. Brooklyn. A beautiful, open-plan 400 person capacity venue, with plenty of dance floor, immersive cinema space and glass boxed clothing pop-ups. Warming up the decks, we have Kenny Jones, Housecoat & Luca Clavarino b2b Daniele Angelini. Spanish artist Charlie Brown Bunny will be our featured creative showcasing his latest art piece "Flamenca" plus other paintings drawn before & during the pandemic. Set times: Kenny Jones 9:00 pm - 10:00 pm Daniele Angelini b2b Luca Clavarino 10:00 pm - 11:30 pm Housecoat 11:30 pm -1:00 am David Triana b2b Karim Under 1:00 - 4:00 am About David Triana: David Triana (aka Dorado) is a Bogota-born, London-based musician, producer and DJ. Inspired by the Colombian music scene, David began his career with the formation of several bands that toured across the Americas. Electronic music became his primary focus after he moved to Buenos Aires to study music. He began to host a series of parties in South America called Bassment, which touted DJs like Pearson Sound, Greg Beato, Jimmy Edgar, Anthony Naples, James Blake and Machinedrum, among others. At the same time, he co-founded Downpitch Recordings with Tomas Station and Bruno Anthony, releasing records from artists such as Jordan Fields and Alton Miller. Now based in London, Triana has brought his sounds to various dance floors around Europe, DJing in cities such as London, Berlin, Istanbul, Rome and beyond. Also co-founded the party series called Soursopp. His radio shows can be heard on NTS Radio, Red Light Radio, and Worldwide FM. His music has been released on various labels including Descendant Of The Deep and Moody Records. About Rakim Under: Rakim Under (Karim Sanchez) is a Chile born DJ / producer based in London. Influenced by his mixed roots, Karim has developed a taste for music from a variety of styles where genre has no limit. Whether unarchived tunes or dancefloor orientated selections, he is a digger at heart with a knack for unearthing discarded musical gems. He has upcoming releases on Make A Dance (M.A.D) and his radio shows can be heard on NTS Radio or East Side Radio. About Housecoat: Beirut born, London bred, New York based groovesmith weaving together tasty dancefloor-focused curations. Whipping up genre-defying concoctions influenced by 70’s funk, underground disco, acid jazz, breakbeat and Chicago/ 90’s house, his sound connects the cerebral to the visceral. Under the radar, he is in it for the love of the craft, doesn’t appear too often but has a reputation for serving straight up hot sauce when he does. About Daniele Angelini: Daniele Angelini’s passion for music originated in his early years, in which he explored the complex world of jazz, playing the alto saxophone. Several years later, while in university, he became absorbed by London’s underground house music scene, spurring him to start his own collective / event Gypsy Tales, alongside a few of his close friends. Daniele has now carefully cultivated his musical style, leaning towards the more raw and retro futuristic sounds of the 90s. About Kenny Jones: She now manages her own brand under the name Alegria Community, a record label and an art gallery founded in 2018. Alegria is pushing the boundaries of artistic collaboration by bringing creatives from all over the world, in an effort to bring all spectrums of music & art to New York. The vision is to combine and showcase various passions and mediums at different pop-ups. Each release cover features different artists across the globe, highlighting a variation of music & art through collaboration. About Luca Clavarino: Luca Clavarino was raised amidst Italian and British culture, and his early sound was shaped by the 90s influences of those who he grew up around. One can feel the raw late 80s/ early 90s energy in his sets which are characterized by old school rare house cuts and contemporary releases that pay homage to the decade that shaped house music. Una splendida giornata!


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100 Sutton St, Brooklyn, NY 11222, USA