Co/Function 5

vie 21 ene por Brian Thabault
PROGRAMA■Brian Thabault■Tj McAu■Rob Interface■YANDL


Co/Function returns for another night of electronic music improvisation and experimentation. Four artists combine their individual live setups into an orchestra of synced up drum machines, samplers and synthesizers. There is no plan for the music, just pure improvisation. As the night progresses, the artists are free to flow in and out of the performance, take breaks and interact with the crowd. There is often guest musicians and vocalists. The night is accented by live visuals from the talented Erin Wajufos. The venue is an intimate DIY space located in Bushwick. Artists performing for this iteration are Brian Thabault, Rob Interface, TJ Mcau & Yandl

Información práctica

vie 21 ene 21:00 - sáb 22 ene 02:00
✨ Lugar secreto ✨alrededor de New York.
El orgnaizador ha revelado la ubicación del evento, aparecerá automáticamente en tu ticket.
👻16 Arion Pl, Brooklyn, NY 11206, USA
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