Electronic Sunset - H4Change X Humanaid

Electronic Sunset - H4Change X Humanaid

sáb 19 feb por Hungry4Party


Event Details: - 200 Tickets - Location: Dr. Bernard Palms - Date: Feb 19, 5pm-2am An Electronic Sunset Party for 200 attendees @ Dr. Bernards Palms location where all profits will be donated to Humanaid. Our goal is to raise 1700€. The Sunset soirée will kickoff at 5:00pm and carry on to 2am featuring our H4Party resident Dj's who’ve tailored their sound to bring out the best of the beach. We’ve also organized an option where partygoers can choose to come back to Lisboa safely by bus. Humanaid will use the proceeds from the event toward a digital campaign initiative for Human Lifeline, an NGO who focuses on search and rescue missions in the Mediterranean Volunteer Opportunity: - 15-20 volunteers will compete on February 20th in teams of 4-5 to develop the Humanaid campaign strategy which will be implemented for Human Lifeline - Deliverables of each team (4-5 Members): 1. ideate brand concept of the campaign 2. campaign name 3. marketing strategy 4. roll-out strategy 5. visual identity ideas 6. business collaboration ideas 7. fundraising target 8. campaign duration - Teams will present their Campaigns and the winner (to be judged by Humanaid) will be used in the Human Lifeline campaign To take part in the Campaign Development Competition for Humanaid send us an Instagram DM @hungry4change.lx with a description of your background.

Información práctica

sáb 19 feb 17:00 - dom 20 feb 02:00
Palms Dr. Bernard, Rua Muralha da Praia, Apoio 6, Praia Norte, 2825-391 Costa da Caparica, Portugal
Rua Muralha da Praia, Apoio 6, Praia Norte, 2825-391 Costa da Caparica, Portugal
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